Sibad PRO 10:44am, 29 June 2008
I love this group. kamikadse asked me to do the main organising for the moment. I will do my best but forgive me if I make mistakes on certain conditions for how "throwaway society" is represented. Please keep posting. Regards Simon
HallAnnie PRO 9 years ago
Hi Simon,

I noticed that there appears to be a few "unrelated" photos which have been added to the group by "edwardmyers40". Please could you remove the shots as they do not contain images of rubbish, litter or trash.

Many thanks,
kamikadse 9 years ago
hi, I'm leaving finally. I'm sorry. But I really don't have the time. This group was an idea of seitlich maybe he has more time to do the administration again.

And Simon, thank you!!
Editor B 9 years ago
Simon, perhaps you'd like to invite this photo to the pool:

I think it's a good one that belongs here.
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