kamikadse 7:06pm, 27 March 2008
Vote here for your favorites of the "Group Icon APRIL".
The voting will end at the 31 of March!

Here is the locked thread with the nominated pictures:

PLEASE POST ONLY THE # OF THE 2 PHOTOS your voting for and please do not vote for your own picture! Only vote ONCE! ANY MEMBER OF THE GROUP MAY VOTE ON POSTED PHOTOS!

Voting counts like

# 47 (3 points)
# 58 (1 point)
seitlich 10 years ago

the non participating in depressing me :-(
curved boat [deleted] 10 years ago
I can't vote on mine but yeah, I am depressed with you seitlich :-(

kamikadse 10 years ago
kamikadse 10 years ago
here the sum of the sad sad voting:

3= 6 points
2= 4 points
1= 2 points

The winner is Claudio.Ar (Hermes Neptuno :)

I'm not sure, if contests in this group work?!
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