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seitlich 3:08pm, 27 December 2007
Do we need something like this on the front page?
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kamikadse 10 years ago
hmmm, don't know, not really, do we?
seitlich Posted 10 years ago. Edited by seitlich (admin) 10 years ago
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ablaze sugar [deleted] 10 years ago
Well, I guess as long as it's free and doesn't create waste byproduct it would be ethically sound material for addition to the front page if its utility were explained. What practical value is there having the chart on the page? What is the benefit? I sense this is a private fight gone public. How do I allow myself to become involved in these things? Behave, seitlich and kamikadse! Back to your corners.
kamikadse 10 years ago
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