Thrasher Magazine 5:47am, 3 July 2009
Sup Shooters,

We're nearing the 200 members mark meaning the photo contest will be starting soon. I'm still working out the details of how this will all work but just so i can get your feedback...

What type of contest would you like to see? What would be a sick contest?
tomfrankham 8 years ago
you could do "trick contests" like one week an ollie contest to see who has the best picture of an ollie then just pick tricks at random...

randomonix PRO 8 years ago
lol..the 200th member to join the group shid get a Thrasher sticker for sure!!!! :D not far tae go now!!! :D
morgan foster 8 years ago
i'm diggin' toms idea.
Dick Nixon 8 years ago
as far as tricks go, id like to see best hippy jump or best kickflip to drop on a wallride. its all i got haha.
Captain'Conso 8 years ago
In my opinion, there's 2 ways to do a pics contest for THRASHER.
1. Skateboarding shots... of course
2. THRASHER related pictures like this one for exemple :
french's cop by Captain'Conso
mikey gould 8 years ago
when does it start?
Thrasher Magazine 8 years ago
We'll start the first contest Monday, August 10th. Details will be released then. Thanks for being patient
zothcorp 8 years ago
rciraulophoto 8 years ago
ahhh i really want the comp to start really badly!!!!!!!!
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