endurable rainstorm [deleted] 10:37pm, 4 May 2009
I'm admin this this group and I'm looking for people to help me out with some moderating on it.

It should only take a few minutes a week and is simply to check on uploaded shot's to make sure they are safe for a family to view and of course that they are taken in Gloucestershire. You'll also keep an eye on the group discussions to make sure that swearing, rudeness and general antisocial comments aren't a feature in this group. Do a search on flickr as often as you like for shots of this county and send invites to those you think would be good on the group.

If you'd be interested in helping out please contact me.

Glosta_Girl PRO 9 years ago
Hi Alistair

Have just come across your message, are you still in need of moderators? If so I have some time in the evenings in which I could help out if required.

Let me know.


GlosPics Posted 8 years ago. Edited by GlosPics (member) 8 years ago
Happy to help if needed.. I have my own groups, Gloucester Cathedral, also Brecon, Wrocester Cathedrals, and Tewkesbury Abbey. I moderate these groups to try to prevent photos of other places appearing!

I live in Gloucester city.
lydneydrwho 3 years ago
I live in Gloucestershire and I'd be happy to help..... If you'd like me to do this please feel free to contact me.
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