The Sage of Shadowdale 3:43am, 24 January 2008
The first (and only) bone I ever broke was my right thumb, when I was 33.
The Sage of Shadowdale 11 years ago
Come on guys...don't leave me hanging out here all on my own. Tell us something trivial about yourself. Please...?
Michael Costolo 11 years ago
I've fractured my skull twice.

How's that with keeping on topic?
David de Groot PRO 11 years ago
Well keeping in the vein of broken bones, my only broken bones have been my tibia and fibia in my left leg, which a teacher broke in high school with a canoe trailer.
Scott L. Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Scott L. (member) 11 years ago
ooh... medical trivia.

i once needed stitches after being hit in the head with a...

....wait for it...

...plastic peanut butter jar.
The Sage of Shadowdale 11 years ago
A plastic jar? Weird.

I learned to fly (small, single engine, fixed wing) aircraft when I was about 19.
Studies in Solitude PRO 11 years ago
I've never broke a bone, but I ruptured my spleen when I was nine years old.
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