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12Bones 4:52am, 8 July 2007
For those of you who have checked out my cargo truck. You know I'm getting ready to hit the road "one of these days".

Anyways I'm curious as to where some of you want go, and what makes you so interested in going there. All of you are in your thirties so you've had time to think about where you would seriously like to go to one of thses days.

At the moment I'm curious as to what my property looks like down in Deming, New Mexico. I found a cheap acre of property. So I bought it just so I would have some place to go to when I get my truck done.

Have Fun All ! ! !
David de Groot PRO 11 years ago
Well I'd like to tour Europe and some of Northern Africa, mostly old Roman settlements along there.
I've got relatives in Holland, Ireland and the UK so popping in to say Hi would be on the agenda.
I also want to tour around my own country (Australia), esp. out west, as there are some incredibly beautiful places to see.

However, since I'm currently paying off a large mortgage, have three kidlets to feed and a truck to repair, this isn't going to happen anytime soon.
Michael Costolo 11 years ago
Yosemite, for obvious reasons.

The bottom of the Grand Canyon, for a week, with my family and a shitload of sheet film.

Iceland, en route to Ireland.

For reasons similar to David's, none of those trips will happen anytime soon.
The Sage of Shadowdale Posted 11 years ago. Edited by The Sage of Shadowdale (member) 11 years ago
Hmmm...who is this young upstart arousing this poor old group from their slumber? :(

you have 3 kidlets? I thought you had 2 (K & J). [Ignore that - I forget about A.]
Bill Smith1 PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Bill Smith1 (member) 11 years ago
I want to return to New Zealand as I have relatives on the North Island and I am overdue for a visit.

I want to head to the UK for an in depth tour of England and Scotland, that will be expensive with the pound where it is. I have an uncle and cousins I have not met in person yet.

I also want to do a road trip across Canada and the US. I think a lot people fail to appreciate how diverse this continent really is.

mammoth bit [deleted] 10 years ago
I'll continue to add to this post even though it's 9 months old.

I want to go north. Baffin Island maybe. Iceland. Greenland. Scandinavia. Canoe trip down the Nahanni would be awesome. The furthest north I've been is Yelloknife, NT and that's not very north. As with most of you, two babes (twins) and renovations hold me back at this point but I'll get somewhere, someday.

12Bones 10 years ago
Hey don't worry about this being 9 months old.

I've got a couple of them still going that's a couple of years old. I think my oldest one still going is from Feb 26, 2006

But just to update people. I'm still working on my truck. But now I'm all hooked with cable, internet and I have a real house phone. And the best thing is knowing I can live in here during the middle of winter in below zero degree weather without freezing my ass off.

Now all I have to do is : 1} Get it road ready 2} Go to my property in the New Mexican Desert 3} And install a big enough air conditioner to keep me from cooking to death in here.

But I'll be happy when I go on my first trip in this and I grill my first steak. That's about another year or two down the line. Especially with the gas prices the way they are. And with all the engine work and everything I need to do. I'm thinking about changing it to an alternative fuel.

Anyways HAVE FUN ALL ! ! ! I'll write more later.
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