I just bought...

The Sage of Shadowdale 8:27am, 17 October 2006
...a game console. It was terribly extravagant of me but, what can I say?, it was a moment of weakness.

Getting close to 5pm, I needed to clear my mind, so I went for a walk to Myer (an Australian department store) - I needed to buy some new socks anyway. When I was there I thought I'd check out the "Electronics" department.

Browsing through iPods, xBox's, notebooks, TVs, and other gadgets I can't afford I stumbled upon a blast from the past...

an Atari console!!

...with 2 joystick/paddles and 20 games (all the classics such as Breakout, Asteroids, Adventure, Air-Sea Battle, Battlezone, Solaris, etc). And it had a sticker on the front that said $39.50. Hmmm...very tempting I think. Then I noticed a little sticker on the top of the box that said "Reduced to clear $20". Sweet! Can't not buy it for $20. So I took it to the counter to pay for it on my credit card. The shop assistant scanned the barcode, and asked if I got it from the $1 shelf. I didn't have a clue what shelf she was talking about, so I said as much and that I got it from over near the xBox's. She said they had stuff like this on the $1 shelf and she didn't know what to ring it up as, so...she gave it to me for $1. (That's 1 Australian dollar.)

Sweeeeeeet!!! What a cack! The Coke I bought on the way to Myer cost twice as much!

(My two young boys are going to love it...if they can ever get me off it.)

I'll be sure to take some photos & upload them soon.

Gwahahahaha!!! <giggling with gee>
Michael Costolo 12 years ago
Congratulations! Is this one of the originals? Can you still get games for it?

Don't forget to sleep. ;)
David de Groot PRO 12 years ago
Whoot! What a find! I'm amazed Myers still had one. I always wanted a 2600, friends of mine had one when I was a lad and I'd play it quite a bit.
I think my cousins might have had one at one stage too (or my Grandparents hired one, don't know, I was too young to worry about those details at the time).
linanneblack PRO 12 years ago
(I'd just like to add that I think I need to introduce the phrase, "What a cack" into my working vocabulary... that's wonderful!)
noicework 12 years ago
Nice Job! I've seen those Atari consoles at the store and have nearly bought it myself several times.

Let me know what you think of it. My impression is that it's a revamp of the old version, with a collection of 20 games programmed in (vs. separate cartridges?). Does it have Stampede? That game is totally stuck in my brain.
The Sage of Shadowdale Posted 12 years ago. Edited by The Sage of Shadowdale (member) 12 years ago
Australianism ("what a cack", that is). ;)

I unboxed it last night (and took a couple shots, yet to upload). It's tiny - about the size of a couple A5 pads on top of each other. There's no slot for extra games (the games must be preloaded on a ROM chip inside I think). When you turn it on you get a menu of games to choose from, so that sounds about right.

It's called an "Atari Flashback", which I think is just marketing. Technically I think it is an "Atari 7800 mini", at least that's what's stamped on the label underneath the thing.

Didn't have much of a chance to play it last night (had one game of Adventure, which I finished in about 2 minutes...ah memories, and one game of Asteroids). My first thoughts: "gee, gameplay and graphics have come a long, long way since 1984. A LONG WAY".

But for $1, I'm happy. "I'd buy that for a dollar!" (Ah, Robocop was a good movie.)

(And, yes, it has Stampede.)
noicework 12 years ago
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