Photo challenge?

peylex 3:26am, 19 September 2006
Mike - The icon thread with all the great pics of things from our generation got me thinking....Maybe we should have a "challenge", for say a week or so, to photograph items representing our generation. Anyone got any gi joes, star wars action figures, the Thriller ALBUM or a rubics cube? What do you think? I KNOW some of us have a Micheal Jackson glove or a VanHalen t-shirt laying around. Just throwing an idea out there...
Michael Costolo 12 years ago
I think it's a great idea! All in favor?
photo by Alison 12 years ago
LOL ...yes!!!!!

pity, I've thrown out my fluro socks.... and my "GO-GO" T-shirt.
The Sage of Shadowdale 12 years ago
Hmm...I'll have to see what I can come up with. I know I've got a Rubik's Cube lying around here somewhere and I've got a stack of cool old vinal at my folk's house (eg. "1982 With a Bullet").

Does a 15+ year old CPU count?

Intel 486 DX2-66
Bill Smith1 PRO 12 years ago
Cool, I have a bunch of LP's from way back when.

carnun 12 years ago
Hey peylex, is this challenge for only a week? That's a bit quick... you must remember I'm 30 now;-)
peylex 12 years ago
lol! As long as we think is enough time. Maybe if Mike is willing, We could incorporate it into the icon - A monthly challenge where one image is chosen for the next months icon??
The Sage of Shadowdale Posted 12 years ago. Edited by The Sage of Shadowdale (member) 12 years ago
I reckon we should just leave the time limit open and if we find some cool "my generation" thing to shoot, in 2nd hand shops or garage sales (I think the Yanks call them "yard sales") for instance, we should post it in this thread. The switching icons once a month is a good idea.
robotwolf PRO 12 years ago
I second the no time limit idea. I have some items I'm thinking of photographing (my russian tape recorder is high on the list), but it will take time.
Michael Costolo Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Michael Costolo (admin) 12 years ago
However we implement it, I think the idea is a good one. I like the idea of digging up and photographing things from our youth and rotating the group icon through them.

Since it was her idea, I've asked our new admin Stephanie (Peylex) to help out with this.
David de Groot PRO 12 years ago
aha! I see that what Mike learnt during his 30's was how to delegate! ;)

Being a pack-rat, I have a heap of stuff from my younger years lying around the place in boxes.
Michael Costolo 12 years ago

Well, I'm hoping this can be one of those groups where we all enjoy hanging out here and stay involved in keeping it going. Since it was her idea, Shephanie now gets to pay for bringing it up ;).

I'm off to go play in traffic...
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