Michael Costolo 12:22pm, 15 September 2006
If anyone has suggestions for a better group icon, I'm all ears.
peylex 12 years ago
That's a tough one - is there one thing to define our generation? hmmm.
photo by Alison 12 years ago
3? works for me at the moment....
peylex 12 years ago
maybe a rotary phone and some rabbit ears??!
photo by Alison 12 years ago
or a cassette tape!?
photo by Alison 12 years ago
Check out this site.... in the emblem select 'dingbats' and look at either 061 or 062... both cool images of the phones we grew up with! ;)
The Sage of Shadowdale 12 years ago
How about one of these?

Rotary Dial Phone
Rotary Dial
C64 Logo
C64 Screen
Atari Joystick
Space Invaders

I personally like the Atari joystick...ah, but that brings back memories.
photo by Alison 12 years ago
Oh yes!!! And pacman was sooooo cool! State of the art!!!! :)
noicework 12 years ago
I vote Atari Joystick
carnun 12 years ago
I'm for the Commordore 64, or how about one of those colour TV test patterns?
The Sage of Shadowdale 12 years ago
How about this then:

TV Test Pattern

(I still like the Atari joystick the best.)
carnun 12 years ago
Thanx Sage, the test pattern definitely gets my vote.
Michael Costolo 12 years ago
Oh wow! Thanks for all the suggestions. Maybe we'll have to rotate through these. They're all so good.
photo by Alison 12 years ago
yep, I like the test pattern. Rotating sounds perfect!!!

Oh I can remember sitting watching the test pattern waiting for kids shows to come on! sad, eh?
carnun Posted 12 years ago. Edited by carnun (member) 12 years ago
Rotating? That's so egalitarian... and so 30ish.

Alison, it might be sad, but you're definitely not the only one;-)
Bill Smith1 PRO 12 years ago
I like all the icon suggestions.

Alison, you are in good company:).

robotwolf PRO 12 years ago
That Atari brings back memories also for me. When everybody else around were having Sinclair Spectrum I was having an Atari 800! Yay! Much better graphics and games. My first computer... It used to take about 15mins to load a more complex game or program from casette. I didn't have the joystick pictured in the icon but a noname one. It's contacts needed cleaning every now and then...
Boy, I was sooo happy when my father bought me that computer...
photo by Alison 12 years ago
LOL Oh I'm so glad I wasn't the only one!!!
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