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Michael Costolo 6:58pm, 14 September 2006

I was thinking this morning about the stages we go through in life and how different my 30s are from my 20s. I wonder how that changes how we see the world and how that might be reflected in our photography. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's images.

Thanks for joining!

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The Sage of Shadowdale Posted 12 years ago. Edited by The Sage of Shadowdale (member) 12 years ago
My folks still have a lino kitchen floor - dark green pattern...nooooiiiice! Goes well with the dark brown builtin cupboards and the white dishwasher that stands on wheels (so you can roll it up to the sink when you want to connect it to the tap) in the middle of the kitchen like a little island.

Ah yes, the big memory days. I got 2MB of RAM in my first 486-DX33 and I scrimped & saved so I could buy another 4MB SIMM to bring the total up to a whopping big 6MB!! (My current Dell notebook on my desk at work has 1GB and I'm thinking 2GB would have been better, although it is about 3 years old so it's just about time to replace it.)

Another blast from the past: Microbee! In high school we had a networked room of about 20 of them and we used to make them play little tunes (about the only thing they were good for).
linanneblack PRO 12 years ago
Sadly, our kitchen had brown carpeting. Who puts carpet in the kitchen? Anyway... it had a big iron mark near the fridge. I can't remember who was responsible for that. Our kitchen also had orange and brown wallpaper, to go with the avacado appliances. Our kitchen was definitely "an autumn".

@ carnun: I grew up in the cornfields of Canada, and had to be bussed into the nearest town for school... but I remember the initial confusion that centred around one of my classmates making her own "Free Mandela" t-shirt in art class. Looking back in retrospect, it's pretty amazing that a little white girl in super-white Georgetown Ontario could have had such an understanding of apartheid. Even though she was surely just repeating things her parents had said in front of her, she had a good enough grasp on it all to explain it to the rest of us. I am very thankful for that; she (and other inquisitive open-minded people, of course) definitely helped determine the way in which I negotiate with the world in my 30s. I'm now told that Georgetown was at that time the white-supremecist capital of Ontario. *shudder*
tashland 12 years ago
Hi all. I just found this group and think it is ace that you are all so active in discussions and just generally like telling stories about yourselves. Nice one! and great photo's to boot.
I'm going out with a man 7 years younger than me and i just can't have those conversations with him! (Except he does like the LRB...work that one out?)
I'm not part of any other groups that aren't subject based and i reckon it's a great idea!
The biggest and most GLARINGLY obvious (right now) difference from my 20 's to 30's is that I don't do hangovers so gracefully anymore. How that influences my photography? ermmm....
Bubblegum jeans anyone? Converse socks in layers? Rome sneakers? OK , so i was a bit of a bogan. Thinking that John Farnham was cool? In love with Morten Harket of Ah Ha? Milli Vanilli? (never thought they were cool)...
And for the record i still wear my hair like pricess lea's!
Michael Costolo 12 years ago
Welcome Lindsay and Natasha. Glad you found us!

I have to admit that I can't recall ever seeing carpeting in a kitchen. That's pretty wild.

Looks like i might be able to sqeeze in some photography this AM before work. It poured rail all night, which might give me some of the shots I've been waiting to take...
peylex 12 years ago
Welcome Linsday and Natasha. I have seen carpet in a kitchen and it has always left me perplexed as well....And I can definately appreciate a man in his twenties - way to go. ;-)
Bill Smith1 PRO 12 years ago
Hi Lindsay,
I spent my teens in Oakville just south of you and I relate to hangovers, I avoid them if I can.

The Sage of Shadowdale 12 years ago
I find the best way to avoid hangovers is to not drink. (Or am I just being naive here?) :)
Michael Costolo 12 years ago
Or just drink in moderation. Since I've had kids my consumption has dropped *way* down. I have a few bottles of scotch that have lasted years, which was unheard of in my grad school days.
Bill Smith1 PRO 12 years ago
I hardly drink these days really. I go to the gym 3-4 days a week and my most productive part of the day is first thing in the morning. If anything I crave a good night's sleep.

noicework 12 years ago
My mom still has carpet in the kitchen. She's even remodeled since the hoooorrrrible green carpet she had when I was young; I can't for the life of me figure out why she's so attached to it.

@tashland--I'm still trying to find the hangover balance myself. I definitely get them more often than I used to, but it's taken a while for my stubborn brain to decide I should drink less when I do....Sometime you just know it's going to hurt and you go for it anyway.

@sageofshadowdale. I have to compliment you on your enthusiastic use of noooiiiiice! It makes me chuckle every time.
The Sage of Shadowdale 12 years ago
The odd chuckle is good for your health (or mine anyway). Noooiiiice. Sweeeeeet.
linanneblack PRO 12 years ago
Ooh, hangover balance... I drink so much less than I used to, but when I DO drink (if I don't fall asleep right away...) I forget that, and drink as much as I did 'back in the day'. *sigh* I guess I can no longer consider myself a professional. Although, I still do prefer "Alcoholist" to "Alcoholic"....

@ Bill -- two of my best friends (they were brother and sister) lived in Oakville when I was growing up... we used to say that they lived "just down the street" because I lived on Winston Churchill, way up north, and they lived just a couple of blocks off of it, right at the lake!
David de Groot PRO 12 years ago
Mike (sage), we had a room of Microbees in High School too! That's where I got the bug for I.T. We programmed in BASIC, got an intro to C and Pascal, and learnt Word*Star (I aced that, knew every single WordStar command, including the . commands - scary eh?).

Mike (C), I too have a couple of bottles of Scotch/Irish that I've had for years. Good Single Malts, which I only drink on special occasions.
picsbymac 11 years ago
bump... Are you new to the group? Welcome! Read away and say hello too!
Michael Costolo 11 years ago
mammoth bit [deleted] 10 years ago
This group is a great idea. I'm new to the group, I'm creeping up to 34. I was born and raised in small town Northwest Territories Canada, now living in Saskatoon, SK, Canada.
I've been into photography for a few years and I've just started developing my own bw. My main camera is a Nikkormat FT2 but I've been noodling around with a bunch of Polaroids lately, mainly a 350 Land Camera and the good ol' Onestep Express. Growing up I always thought Polaroids were shitty but as simple as they are/were, you still have to know what your doing to take a good shot and they are definitely capable of quality.
I prefer film over digital but I'm not antidigital. Part of the reason for this preference may have something to do with growing up in the eighties. We were sort of on the cusp of the technological revolution. In awe of the Atari but still willing to play outside. In the same way, I'm in awe of digicams and photoshop but film is more fun.
Anyway, looking forward to some good discussion and photos in this group.
The Sage of Shadowdale 10 years ago
Welcome on board Gary. Into Nikkor film eh? You'll get on well will Bill then. ;-)

And I think he's a Canuck too!
ddoonnaa76 10 years ago
Hi Everyone. I just found your group. What a great idea. I can't wait to see what all the other 30somethings see as they look at the big bad world. I'll be 32 in a couple of weeks, currently living in Springfield, Missouri.

I've been taking photos for almost a year now, and I LOVE IT! My family have noticed that I smile the most when my camera is in my hand (and it always is).

Looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures and reading your posts.
The Sage of Shadowdale 10 years ago
Welcome aboard Donna. I hope the group livens up a little bit for you as it's been very sleepy for the last several months.


laatideon 10 years ago
just joined
I'm Deon - 34
and live in South Africa, Jeffreys Bay
lookin forward to checking out peoples stuff here and posting a bit
great idea
Michael Costolo 10 years ago
Welcome Deon.

And yes, this group does need a boost. Any ideas?
No More Bob 10 years ago
Hello, I'm Janus, I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I just turned 38 and like the idead of this group!
Michael Costolo 10 years ago
Welcome Janus.
The Sage of Shadowdale 10 years ago
Hi Bob, um..Janus, I mean Bob....ah, what did he say his name was again? ;-)
No More Bob 10 years ago
My name is Bob Janus, when in Denmark I go by Janus, when in other countries I go by Bob... Confusion cleared? :-)
The Sage of Shadowdale Posted 10 years ago. Edited by The Sage of Shadowdale (member) 10 years ago
No confusion; I was just trying to be amusing (it was a reference to a movie called Stuart Little, when the cats catch Stuart in Central Park towards the end - "What's your hurry, Murray..."). Anyway, welcome to the group.
Reed Images PRO 9 years ago
I'm Carrie and am 33. Just moved to Coos Bay Oregon from the CA Bay Area so I feel like I'm starting a new chapter in my life. Looking forward to sharing my new adventures with this group. What a great idea!
Welcome on board Carrie & congrats on your new chapter.
Chronon6.97 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Cheryl, 31 from Cape town, South Africa. Interesting to see what is posted in this group - discussion and photos!
Hi Cheryl, 31, from Cape Town. ;-)

To be honest this group has kind of gone to sleep for the last year or so with only a handful of people still posting but very little in the way of discussion or community involvement.
Chronon6.97 9 years ago
So i notice... i'm not much of a discusser anyhow
Michael Costolo 9 years ago
Unfortunate, but true. The group pool is very nice though.
seanjonesfoto 9 years ago
Hi All! I'm Sean (36 yrs), from nyc. I'm a psychologist by profession, and photographer, athlete, reader, and chess player by passion. The premise of the group sounds interesting. I'm excited to view viewing everyone's work and continue my photographic journey and learn something from the folks here. Hopefully, I will contribute something valuable as well...
G'day Sean. Good to have you in the group.
Perfecto Insecto PRO 9 years ago
hello again and goodbye :(

as i turned 40 in june, it is with great regret that i need to leave this group.

i am sure that there is a 40something group and i look forward to seeing you all there one day!
See ya Kenna (and happy, belated 40th!).
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