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Wrestlemania Predictions

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$$$Reno61911$$$ is a group moderator $$$Reno61911$$$ says:


CM punk vs mysterio in hair vs mask

cena vs taker

hhh vs hbk for wwe

batista vs big show in U.S.

cristain vs edge vs jericho for world

MITB kane vs mvp vs kingston vs miz vs morrison vs benjeman vs booker(returns) vs sheamus

RAW vs SMACKDOWN Legacy vs HARDYS(jeff returns)

RVD(returns) and Dreamer vs Jackson and kozlov

15 battle royal for diva contender

25 battle royal for ECW ppl are(Chris Masters vs Mark Henry vs The Great Khali vs Yoshi vs Escobar vs Finaly vs Chavo vs carlito vs primo vs swagger vs mike knox vs jtg vs shad vs david hart smith vs tyson kidd vs ziggler vs truth vs hurricane vs pual burchall vs zack ryder vs regal vs bourne vs santino vs fuestus(now luke gallows) vs hornswoggle)
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jojovonjo [deleted] says:

It's hard to say. Obviously Dreamer aint going to be in a match at this point.
My predictions at this point are:
Shawn Michaels VS Taker (The Rematch)
Well I'm still putting it together. I'll finish it later.
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TheBaseballGuy is a group administrator TheBaseballGuy says:

The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter has provided some new details concerning WWE's early plans for Wrestlemania 26. We have been reporting within the last several weeks that the creative team has several matches in the works, and the early plan is calling for The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho vs Edge (assuming Edge is ready to return), Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase and Triple H vs Sheamus for The WWE Title. Additionally, it's being rumored that the creative team is discussing some type of match between Vince McMahon and Bret Hart, and it would most likely be a street fight of sorts where Hart would not have to take any big bumps.

For those of course wondering how John Cena will be involved in WrestleMania, creative is pushing hard to get The Rock to return for a big match against Cena at the PPV, but that's probably not going to happen. The backup plan at this point is to have an inter-promotional match between Cena and Batista.

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$$$Reno61911$$$ is a group moderator $$$Reno61911$$$ says:

well its alrite
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