peachitink64 3:26pm, 29 February 2008
ok, i'm a very johnny come lately to this whole thing..........i have been looking at all your pictures and commenting........i just wanted to know, how hard was it for you guys not to go shopping? i need to STOP shopping, i have way enough clothes, and i'm sure i could put together outfits for quite a while, but for some reason i am having a problem battling my 'shopping addiction.' any words of advice? how easy/hard was it for you guys? are you still doing the 'shopping fast?'
mostlyirun 10 years ago
I started mine a little later than the others.

I wasn't going to do it, until I realized I had gotten a bit out of control. I purchased seven pairs of shoes in January. And that's with starting my shopping fast on January 15!

(Um, that's why I started the shopping fast!)

I'm trying to hold out until after my birthday, March 29.
There will certainly be a shopping spree afterward.
peachitink64 10 years ago
it's very comforting to know there is someone else out there who tells herself 'no more!' and then buys more!!!! i wish you the best of luck, mar. 29th is just around the corner.......
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