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Matt Grans Photography ADMIN December 21, 2011

Light pollution is like climate change: not everyone believes it is real. But we do.

This pool is dedicated to night shots that show man's illuminating influence or light pollution. Please No solo moon shots or star trails or light painting without some sort of ambient light source, or far off city glow etc… showing. We want light Pollution in all of the group's images.



Group Description

Light pollution is like climate change: not everyone believes it is real. But we do.

Tonight, look around. You will see lights everywhere: a streetlamp spilling light into your bedroom; vanity halogens bathing houses; glowing convenience stores, traffic, billboards, even farms. You will see lights, but probably not many stars.

The night sky that has inspired people for thousands of years is disappearing, washed away by artificial light. What's left of that vanishing night is the subject of photographs posted here.

That said, we ask that all shots show evidence of man's illuminating ability. No close-up of the moon / pure astrophotography… we want shots preferably that show night sky and the loss of it's natural splendor whenever possible.

In other words, the more man made lights, the better.


please feel free to invite others as you find outrageously cool night shots where man's illuminating influence can be seen. Just paste this invitation in the comment area:

--------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------
You are invited to post this awesome night image at:
Please help us spread the forces of darkness across flickr!
-------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

Please also FAV them as well that's even nicer !

It feels really good to be invited, and when you do invite people they will come to look at your images to see who has invited them and maybe FAVE your photos in return !

Anyone can invite images to this pool, you don't have to be either a member or an admin, just copy the invite and paste it into the comments of the picture you want to invite

Have fun and keep shooting those awesome long exposures! Together we will spead the forces of darkness across flickr!

Group Rules

This is a place for night time long exposures where, can be seen, the influence of light from cities, street lamps, headlights and other artificial man made sources that obscure the natural night sky.

When posting please keep in mind

- To have man's illuminating influence and a night sky showing
- No close-up of the moon / pure astrophotography

Have fun posting your best shots. Lets take back the night sky and spread the forces of darkness across Flickr!

Additional Info

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