120 Processing?

mosesxan 1:20am, 29 May 2008
Hello. I will be visiting Thessaloniki soon and was wondering if someone could recommend a place in the city that processes 120 (and sells it)?

I don't like flying with film because of the hassles in the airport and if I can get it processed before I leave that would be great. Thessaloniki is my last stop on a two week tour of Greece and it'd be great to handle it in country if possible so I don't have to transport it back and have it inspected in several different airports on the way home.

olympic 10 years ago
Please try Foto Kounio at Venizelou and Vassileos Irakliou str.
They have many kind of films that others cannot sell.
andreas tsonidis Posted 10 years ago. Edited by andreas tsonidis (member) 10 years ago
Foto Kounio is the place I would recommend for buing your film, and Photo Experts for processing. Photo Experts is at 13 Vasileos Georgiou St., tel. 2310 815005, and they usually have the film processed the next day. I've tried them and they've always done a good job. I reckon you can process your films at Kounio as well, but I've never done so, so I don't know how good they are.
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