Theodosios 2:03pm, 4 June 2007
Hello everyone.
Recently an increasing number of portraits and abstracts have been added on the pool. This trend is beginning to dominate most of the postings. My personal opinion is that a group pool dedicated to photographic impressions of Thessaloniki is not the correct venue for posting this style of photography which has its own special niche and merits.
Before i embark on a systematic clean up (again!) I would like your opinion on this matter. Should portraits and abstracts remain or should they be deleted? If a general consensus forms then this will be added to the group description and posting rules.

Many thanks for all you contributions

Theodosios 11 years ago
Since there has been no response in this discussion I am going to go ahead and revise the rules for posting and i would like to ask everyone to stop posting abstracts and portraits in this pool. Such photoes are going to be removed on sight.

Many thanks

αntonis. 11 years ago
I didn't want to express my opinion since my contribution to the pool is minimum but I'd like to say that abstracts should remain outside the pool.. For the portraits I'm not so sure because even the faces of those who live in Thessaloniki are part of the city! Then again, if the pool is dedicated to the photographic impressions of the city itself, well, you're right about not wanting them in..

Anyway, good luck and I hope some more people will express their opinion here..
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