theshadowmanproject 2:02pm, 24 March 2009
The Shadow Man Project is The Best Job in The World ?

Is theshadowmanproject the Wild Card 5 Star *.* Entry ?

Lets count down to the end of this Prime Competition, Starting with Number 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 !

Thanks for all of your support lOl. I'm V grateful, it has been a busy 28 days and probably another 69 to go until the winner is chosen.

The Islandreefjob Caretaker of Hamilton Island in The Great Barrier Reef, It Look like a Paradise Island on Earth and Magnetic island sounds amazing all this done by Tourism Queensland.

What an Excellent job.

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theshadowmanproject 9 years ago
Who or what is The Shadow Man Project ?

Can you work out this Enigmatic Puzzle ?

The Shadow Man Project ? An Exquisitely Entertaining Enigma ?

There is a '... message in a bottle ...' posted on YouTube.
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Can you decode the message in a bottle ( the video) ?

The Shadow Man Project will be '... Sending out an S O S ... '

There will be additional clues posted regularly on Twitter
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Who or what is The Shadow Man Project ?

The Shadow Man Project is The Best Job in The World !

theshadowmanproject is the best job in the world !
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