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Hello Everyone!!! I'm late! I'm late on a couple of weeks! I have a big leadership conference I have been taking over the last week and into this week so I am very behind! I will be making a big post to catch up soon! I have not forgotten about the project and I'm happy to see that at least a couple are still posting! Mine will be all caught up by next week! Speaking of, this weeks theme is Red Balloon! Have fun, be creative! Can't wait to see what you all do! Thank you!


  • Sacred 14/52

    Hello Everyone!! So sorry this is late in being posted! I'm behind! I'm behi...

    Paper Raven23 months ago4 replies

  • Trees 16/52

    This weeks post is up! Sorry it is late! It may seem as if I have disappeared ...

    Paper Raven24 months ago4 replies

  • Somewhere only you know 17/52

    Wowser! We are already on 17 and I'm late again! I swear the big catch up is c...

    Paper Raven24 months ago2 replies

  • This is Me. 13/52

    Hello, Hello! This challenge is suppose to be about you. Either a simple pho...

    Paper Raven24 months ago7 replies

  • Red Balloon 15/52

    I'm posting this super early since my last one was so late! This one is obvious...

    Paper Raven24 months ago5 replies

  • Depth of Field 9/52

    Hello! Hello! Next weeks topic is up: Depth of Field! Due on 3/3! I can't ...

    Paper Raven24 months ago11 replies

  • 3 is the magic number 18/52

    I'm posting ahead to attempt to make up for my previously late posts! This can ...

    Paper Raven24 months ago0 replies

  • Fragment 10/52

    Our next challenge is FRAGMENT. There are very few human beings who receive t...

    Paper Raven24 months ago18 replies

  • Cinematic Moment 12/52

    Week 12 is up!! Cinematic moment...a still from a movie. dramatic scene..emotio...

    Paper Raven25 months ago11 replies

  • Spring 11/52

    Hello hello! Our next topic is up and due on 3/17!!! Think of spring! ...

    Paper Raven25 months ago8 replies

  • Illuminate 8/52

    Hello, Hello! Welcome to week 8! The challenge is Illuminate! I'm a bit beh...

    Paper Raven26 months ago14 replies

  • Song Lyric 7/52

    Hello Everyone... Sorry for the late post on next weeks topic(starting tomorr...

    Paper Raven26 months ago11 replies

  • A Love Story 6/52 (Happy Valentines Day!)

    I know it's the week before but as the due date will 2/11 I thought it was close...

    Paper Raven26 months ago11 replies

  • Masquerade 5/52

    Almost into the second month! Great work everyone! Week 5's topic is Masquerad...

    Paper Raven27 months ago12 replies

  • Motion 4/52

    Next weeks challenge is up! Have a great week!

    Paper Raven27 months ago18 replies

  • Silhouette 2/52

    Hello!! I just want to personally welcome everyone who has recently joined! ...

    Paper Raven27 months ago7 replies

  • Black and White 3/52

    Hi Everyone! This weeks posts are starting to roll in and they are REALLY, re...

    Paper Raven27 months ago11 replies

  • New Beginnings 1/52

    First weeks theme! Can't wait to see everyone's post! Please post your entri...

    Paper Raven27 months ago13 replies

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