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Maneesh Foto ADMIN April 18, 2015
The Pinnacle is now closed!
Thank you for participating in the best challenge group on Flickr and for being wonderful photographers and members.

The Admin Team

Group Description

Winning in The Pinnacle means you've reached the highest level of competition for theme challenge! We think a Hall of Fame win here automatically qualifies you as amongst the best photographers on Flickr! We are a friendly (bordering on the rowdy) and extremely challenging group of people who share their skills, challenge each other and generally have fun in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

No. of contestants Each challenge category will have two photographs challenging each other.

The game The winner of a round progresses into the next round as the winner / defender and is challenged by another challenger. This continues until the winner / defender wins 5 consecutive rounds when the image wins an invite into the Hall of Fame.

Scoring One point is added per vote, for either the first or the second photo. The winning photo is the one which first receives 10 votes.

Challenge Categories An updated list of fixed challenge categories and their description is available here. Besides these, we have special challenges with rotating themes.

Hall of Fame The photo which wins 5 consecutive rounds of competition will be invited to the Hall of Fame.

The rules are simple but essential for the smooth running of the group:

1. If you post a photo in a category, you have to vote in all other categories. You can vote against yourself, but not for yourself.

**We are fairly flexible in the amount of time you are allowed in order to vote in all the open categories, but if you haven't voted in let's say, 30 minutes after you post your photo, it'll be taken down from the challenge.

2. There are only TWO photos competing in each category.

3. You can post photos in a maximum of THREE simultaneous categories.

A photo may be entered into a challenge as long as:

a. The photo is public (for the duration of the competition)
b. It is not already in the Hall of Fame, and
c. it hasn't been played in the past 30 days

4. Don't start new challenges. If you have suggestions, post it in the "Hellooo…" thread and the Team will consider starting it.

5. Post medium size photos only. Please post the photo using html code, not a GreaseMonkey script. Otherwise we can’t process your photo once the voting is completed. Since there are now two medium sizes there is a change to the posting rules. Please check your image size prior to posting. Images are limited to 500 in both width and height. Images posted in the 640 medium will be removed from the challenge, and the challenge re-opened. Players may re-enter their shot at the correct size.

6. If you withdraw a photo from a challenge, it will count as a victory for your opponent by way of forfeit. Changing a photo entered in a challenge will also count as a forfeit.

7. If you are lucky enough to put the 10th vote you may not post the next photo in that category, unless an hour has passed since you submitted the final vote.

8. Once an image has been accepted into the Hall of Fame, it cannot be entered into another challenge, except for special Pinnacle challenges, such as K2 and Everest, when announced. If your photo goes to the Pinnacle Hall of Fame, consider challenging yourself and entering new categories, rather than submitting variations of the same subject as your winning image.

9. You may have only one account in the group. Members who have more than one account are requested to decide which one they wish to play with and remove all others.

10. All photographs submitted for challenge must be taken and processed by you.

11. When your photo wins an invite to the Hall of Fame, it will be posted in the Monthly Hall of Fame Review and Kanchenjunga Challenge with your name. If you feel this is a copyright infringement, then please do not post in the challenges.

12. All Kanchenjunga Challenge winning photos will be posted in The Pinnacle Blog. Also photos nominated from the group pool will be posted to The Pinnacle Blog. These postings will carry the name of the photographer and will link back to the photopage.

13. If you are related to someone or have a very close friend at "The Pinnacle" please do not vote in the challenges in which they are competing. You may however challenge said relative or friend:)

14. If your shot loses in a challenge you may not replay it in another challenge for a month's time. Ideally, any photo should only challenge at the Pinnacle three times. To advance to the Hall of Fame at the Pinnacle, your shot has to be the best of the best, and if it doesn't win a HOF after three tries, it probably isn't going to. Each challenge should be spaced at least a month apart.

15. Your vote in a challenge may not be changed once someone else has entered a vote after yours. Changed votes in such a case will be voided.

Pinnacle Challenge Formats:
• The first mountain to climb is the Pinnacle, enter an image, win 5 rounds of challenges and you make it to the top of the Pinnacle and into our Hall of Fame.
• Next height is the Kanchenjunga Challenge where you are racing up the mountain against all of the Pinnacle HOF winners for the week.
• Win Kanchenjunga and then its on to scale the second highest peak in the world, the K2. In the steep K2 Challenge, the Kanchenjuga winners for a 13 week period match up against each other in a battle to the top.
• Finally, there is the world's highest mountain to climb at 8,848 meters (29,029 ft) above sea level, Mount Everest. The Pinnacle Group's Everest Challenge - the winners of the four K2 Challenges struggle to the summit as we find the one best photo from a year of Kanchenjunga Challenges in The Pinnacle Group.

The Pinnacle is based on a series of highly competitive and successful challenges that were played on You vs the Best. Those challenges brought out the best of the best in a group of excellent photographers.



While commenting on a picture you've seen in the group, you may copy and paste the script below:

href=><img src="" width="110" height="61" /></a>
href=> "The Pinnacle" Group</a>

It will look like this

'The Pinnacle Group

Copy and paste the code between the lines, placing it as a comment on a photostream, to invite the photographer to join the group:


This fantastic photograph would be a great contender in one of the challenges at ‘The Pinnacle.’

We invite you to join the group and play:

href=><img src="" width="110" height="61" /></a>
href=> "The Pinnacle" </a>

It should look like this:

This fantastic photograph would be a great contender in one of the challenges at ‘The Pinnacle.’

We invite you to join the group and play:

"The Pinnacle" Challenge Group


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Group Rules

The Pinnacle is the highest level of competition that there is for theme challenge. This is a friendly but extremely challenging group where the best photographers on Flickr come to share their skills, challenge each other and generally have fun in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. A Hall of Fame win here automatically qualifies you as amongst the best photographers on Flickr.

Please agree to the following before joining the group:

1. To abide by the rules of the group at all times
2. To be fun and happy, as the gods of flickr meant us to be
3. To be respectful of, and honourable towards all my fellow members at all times and never to be a troll, or to exhibit trollish behaviour.
4. That if your photo wins an invite to the Hall of Fame, you are agreeable to it being posted in the weekly Hall of Fame Review and Kanchenjunga Challenge, the K2 and Everest Challenges and in The Pinnacle Blog.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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