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potencial by JulioMunizPadilla
From JulioMunizPadilla

Campo electrostático by JulioMunizPadilla
From JulioMunizPadilla

I Need A Jump Start.  52.5 of 2010 Theme:Electricity. explored on 1st Oct 2010 by Son Of Fugazi (
From Son Of Fugazi (...

Batteries by ARBaurial
From ARBaurial

15.365 - Birds on Wire by Randy Herbert
From Randy Herbert

V&A by blech​
From blech​

106071 by Biblioteca General Antonio Machado
From Biblioteca...

106070 by Biblioteca General Antonio Machado
From Biblioteca...

#69 - Birds on a Wire by katbaro
From katbaro

Now say it 3 times fast by Graela
From Graela

9V-Battery-0030 by yellowcloud
From yellowcloud

NEON SIGN by gordon2208
From gordon2208

Las Vegas Strip at Night  by Maverick Helicopters
From Maverick...

Bird on a wire by vaniglia81
From vaniglia81

Batteries by Weeping-Willow Photography
From Weeping-Willow...

Duracell battery AA type by Anton Fomkin
From Anton Fomkin

a 9v battery literally exploded on me! by linux-works
From linux-works

Bird on a Wire Auditions by R A Pyke (SweRon)
From R A Pyke (SweRon)

How do you do? by Topher.Pettit
From Topher.Pettit

batteries by mankatt
From mankatt

9V Battery Opened (6x AAAA Batteries) by Grant Leavitt
From Grant Leavitt

Substation by lungstruck
From lungstruck

Electrical Transformer by craig1black
From craig1black

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