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Lightning does strike twice by andredoreto
From andredoreto

And tree times... by andredoreto
From andredoreto

High Voltage! (Explore) by svenpetersen1965
From svenpetersen1965

Electric Storm by andredoreto
From andredoreto

Electric Storm by andredoreto
From andredoreto

When Electrons Go Wild by andredoreto
From andredoreto

lightning study by uair01
From uair01

Light from the Sky by andredoreto
From andredoreto

novastock5663 by Gerard Fritz
From Gerard Fritz

Secondary wound with Litz wire by jiffycoil
From jiffycoil

Pretest  6 by jiffycoil
From jiffycoil

Pretest 1 by jiffycoil
From jiffycoil

Lightning Rod by 2ndShooter
From 2ndShooter

Wimhurst Machine Large Spark by ndobbins
From ndobbins

Lightning strikes Sears (Willis) tower in Chicago facing south from Hancock tower (EXPLORED) by Aris Vrakas
From Aris Vrakas

120,000,000... by Roch Hart
From Roch Hart

First coil top load test by jiffycoil
From jiffycoil

My first Tesla coil revised by jiffycoil
From jiffycoil

Light strikes.... by "alley cat photography'
From "alley cat...

Breakdown of Air by MIT Physics Demos
From MIT Physics Demos

USP Plasma ball by digikuva
From digikuva

Dr. MegaVolt® by the_exploratorium
From the_exploratorium

Plasma-beam by jiffycoil
From jiffycoil

Sparking by photobunny
From photobunny

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