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NYC Total Lunar eclipse December 21, 2010 Winter Solstice by astroval1
From astroval1

Wooden roller coaster by katinthecupboard
From katinthecupboard

Nemesis Drop by David Morton
From David Morton

Betting his life on physics by MIT Physics Demos
From MIT Physics Demos

Vortex roller coaster by

Pole Vault by ~aKaur~
From ~aKaur~

Arc of a Diver by Mitchell Media
From Mitchell Media

Nami island by hkinuthia
From hkinuthia

Parc Walygator : The Monster Inverted Coaster en action (1) Hagondange - Talange - Maizieres Les Metz by Aragondange
From Aragondange

Alki Beach Pole Vault by hobbes8calvin
From hobbes8calvin

High Jump by Mitchell Media
From Mitchell Media

roller coaster by twicepix
From twicepix

Met de slee van de springschans / Sleigh leaving ski-jump by Nationaal Archief
From Nationaal Archief

Sledding Hill by Andie182
From Andie182

Top Thrill Dragster sunset by Intamin10
From Intamin10

top thrill dragster by Steve @ the alligator farm
From Steve @ the...

AYG Boys Pole Vault Finals by richseow
From richseow

Lemon/Lime by Ryan Taylor Photography
From Ryan Taylor...

Top Thrill Dragster@ Cedar Point, OH by JohannesPK
From JohannesPK

Men's Pole Vault 07 by dwightsghost
From dwightsghost

The sledding hill in Belchertown by TomMartinArt
From TomMartinArt

 by Milori Blue
From Milori Blue

Top of the lift hill on the Cyclone roller coaster, Coney Island by stevesobczuk
From stevesobczuk

Loop The Loop Roller Coaster Coney Island by stevesobczuk
From stevesobczuk

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