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AR-15 rifle high speed shot by

Glock 21 .45ACP in cross eye 3D by

IMG_2707_edited-1_filtered by Mark V Bloom (Pixel Pete)
From Mark V Bloom...

Conservation of the Momentum by Sergei Golyshev (AFK during workdays)
From Sergei Golyshev...

Bumper Cars by CoolMcFlash
From CoolMcFlash

Sheridan vs Harlowton by Eric_Brown_Photography
From Eric_Brown_Phot...

Ice Tigers vs Kölner Haie by tomsen72
From tomsen72

Exploding Terminal's  1 of 2 by Mark Watson (kalimistuk)
From Mark Watson...

break by Blind Man Shooting
From Blind Man Shooting

Physics 101 by suridaj
From suridaj

Bumper cars by aglet
From aglet

Tampa Yankees vs. Dunedin Bluejays by Schnorschel
From Schnorschel

What you give is what you get. by Anja Horvat
From Anja Horvat

Balloon Head [227] by Levi Buzolic
From Levi Buzolic

Naoufel Ben Rabah  v Rey Anton Olarte (1) by photography by rockfingrz
From photography by...

14 by

Bumper Cars by Yaduck9
From Yaduck9

Newton's Cradle by Karen_Chappell
From Karen_Chappell

Jan 16th by crewlie
From crewlie

 by Miki Tillett
From Miki Tillett

Reflections and Shadows of Physics by myrealeye photography
From myrealeye...

Bowling by luckylions13
From luckylions13

Velocidad de Obturación. Prueba 2-A by Krudo.
From Krudo.

Air Puck Collision Strobed by MIT Physics Demos
From MIT Physics Demos

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