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chronophoto canyoning by gamelle71
From gamelle71

Pisa Tower by Larry White (Trying_to_Shine)
From Larry White...

Joe Nas and the Gainer  by Chance N
From Chance N

Col. Joseph Kittinger by TWMWK

Captain Joe Kittinger by comopeiz
From comopeiz

Galileo's Theory of Bodies in Motion by Red Swift
From Red Swift

Sheikra! by CoasterMatt
From CoasterMatt

"Galileo". by Biblioteca General Antonio Machado
From Biblioteca...

Eli drops a ball by MIT Physics Demos
From MIT Physics Demos

Pumpkin Drop by Alphamale
From Alphamale

d gravity by dmixo6
From dmixo6

Getting ready to base jump! by DavidLynch
From DavidLynch

Wheeeeeee! My Roller Coaster! by Amit Basu
From Amit Basu

Free Falling by Ryan C Wright
From Ryan C Wright

Freefall by Sebastian-
From Sebastian-

E pericoloso sporgersi by Laurent Filoche
From Laurent Filoche

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