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"Sky Flyer" by Grähbl Photography
From Grähbl Photography

Adding mass to the pendulum by MIT Physics Demos
From MIT Physics Demos

Freezing Time by impactflash
From impactflash

Swing Beads by SammCox
From SammCox

Grandfather Clock by vicent.zp
From vicent.zp

Pendulum Experiment by zabong
From zabong

Lyon washboard road experiment by stephen w morris
From stephen w morris

Salt on a speaker by nik282000
From nik282000

Cornstarch Vibrations by nik282000
From nik282000

Washboard road experiment -- the plow by stephen w morris
From stephen w morris

Seconds pendulum by Jeff Sprang
From Jeff Sprang

Liberty: the Video by helen.2006
From helen.2006

Clock Weights by James David Photography
From James David...

100kg,~15 m by Andrestand
From Andrestand

Focault-pendel by Camilla Hoel
From Camilla Hoel

The Foucault pendulum by Maerten Prins
From Maerten Prins

vibration damper by claude05
From claude05

Grandfather Clock by Barry Wallis
From Barry Wallis

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