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Halloween Top 3 Photos (Admin Members Choices)

Oops, I totally missed halloween...

Oops, I totally missed halloween...

"Happily Here After"

Happily HereAfter
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Cloud Thinker by mbryan777

Cloud Thinker

Another Fake Reflection by fdecomite

Another fake reflection

Rawai Beach Pier (phuket) by Pi Production

Rawai Beach Pier (Phuket)

Open Theme Competition Top 3 Winners, Congratulations!!! ( 15th December - 31st December 2007

1st Place *Kevin@eyes*- To The Sea

To the sea

Second Place - Metropolis 2007 by Parc Cruz

Metropolis 2007

Third Place - I'm lookin' At Ya by Melepix

I'm lookin at ya
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Christmas Photos Top 25 (Not in Particular Order)

Christmas Mosaic (Resize)

1. feeling festive, 2. ~Ornament, 3. Waiting for Santa,4. Christmas colors, 5. Joy of the Season, 6. I'm in the mood for Xmas ;-), 7. Holiday Spirit!, 8. Christmas Colors, 9. Have a very disco xmas, 10. Our Christmas Mantel, 11. Christmas air, 12. Season's Greetings!, 13. An early Christmas greeting to everyone, 14. glittery ball bokeh, 15. Happy Weekend Friends, 16. ferris wheel, 17. Merry Christmas, 18. Candy in color, 19. We'll be home for Christmas 07, 20. The first of December, 21. It's Christmas Time !, 22. Donnelly House #1, 23. Christmas Castle 1, 24. Father Christmas, 25. snow queen

My Favourite Portrait Top 3 Winners - Congratulations ( 01st - 11th January 2008)

FIRST PLACE - adelg5

SECOND PLACE - Dennis Tan.Photography
veil of mist...

THIRD PLACE - denbote

Bug's Life Tope 3 Winners


Mega fly

Second Place
Gulf Fritillary with a little friend...

Third Place
Fly Eye Guy


together we stand, divided we fall...

Song Sparrow

prayer flags
Season's End
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Contest 6 ~ Bird(s)


Love is in the air

Second Place

Bald Eagle

Third Place

There, Do You Have the Shot This Time?

Winners of Competition # 7 - Amazing Reflection (Photo with at least one The Perfect Photographer Award)

First Place - LA Vien En Rose by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

La vie en rose

2 Second Places

#24 Reflections On Easter Sunday by Chitofran

Reflections on Easter Sunday

# 42- Silence is Gold by bleuet/Anne MArie

Third Place - The Unbearable Lightness Of Seeing - by Lars Van De Goor

the unbearable lightness of seeing

Contest # 8 Architecture/Building Top 3 Winners

Winner # 25
ShahJahan mosque (Gold Bath) by far0ck

ShahJahan mosque (Gold Bath)

2nd Place #12
postcard from Pisa by me’voila

postcard from Pisa

3rd Place #15
35_2008 ..B/W by Jimpg2

35_2008 ..B/W

Post Processing Challenge # 1 ~ Adelaide Statue of liberty

Winner # 7 by believer9

Welcome to the Show (Edit Challenge)

The Perfect Photographer Competition # 9 / By the Sea

Winner - just another silhouette by far0ck

just another silhoutte

Second Place – Power by gaz610


Third Place – Rush by allen cortez


Post Processing Challenge # 2 ~ By the Lake

Winner # 8 by milan tea

Sunset- By The Lake

Post Processing Challenge # 3 ~ Butterfly

The Winner OnRavensWings49


Milan Tea's Butterfly

The Perfect Photographer Competition # 10- Sunset

Winner - Aruba Sunset Sailboat by C. Fredrickson Photography

Aruba sunset sailboat

Second Place – Red House by ASePT!c

Red House

Third Place – Rapa Nui Sunset by miguelyn

rapa nui sunset

Post Processing Challenge # 4 – Fantastic Four~ Rising of the Silver Surfer


# 9 by hanny2007

Post Processing Challenge # 4 - Fantastic Four ~ Raising of the Silver Surfer

Contest # 11 ~ Rose (At Least 1 Award)


#9 Sweet candy by Philippe Sainte-Laudy

Sweet candy

2nd Place

# 7 ~AMOR~ by MarinaCastillo


3rd Place

# 10 by ben124

Pink rose on white


Winner # 19 by blakelipthratt


2nd Place # 12 by chefgue


3rd Place # 7 by FoNgEtZ

Stray Cat's Portrait

Consolation Prize (Not in Particular Oder)

# 2 BY Christina Draper

Double Trouble

# 4 By Cajaflez

Floris and all his fluf 2

# 16 By The Tibbinator (will be back on July 25th)

# 18 By suzalayne


# 30 By xena2542

Another sink pirate....aka Dracula

The Perfect Photographer Group CONTEST # 13; Beautiful Gardens

Winner # 11 by Hetty 51

A wonderful view...

2nd Place # 12 by J. Odice

Leona Valley Poppies

3rd Place # 10 by slcook52

tulip festival ~45~

4th Place # 2 by G.Ron.

un po' di colore!!

5th Place # 3 by anadelmann

Red and White

Consolation Prize (Not in Particular Oder)

# 7 by anple

Color of summer

# 1 by gobayode

lil' cup of water

# 8 by ale_baco82

sunny flowers

# 19 by deegs

Japanese Garden

# 25 by Kirstie Joy

Water Garden

The Perfect Photographer Group Contest # 14 HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Winner # 19 by

Night on Fire

2nd Place # 16 by Further to Fly

Blue Skies Over Pudong

3rd Place # 1 by MelDes

Surrealistic garden

4th Place # 12 by hannes.steyn

Rainbow falls (HDR) - Victoria Falls

5th Place # 18 by ricardcooper

Marine Lake HDR sunset (again)

Consolation Prize (Not in Particular Order)



1. Wrekenton Sunset HDR bordered, 2. Blue Ridge, 3. Ou com balla, 4. St. Peter's Church, 5. HDR version of "In the Pink", 6. Calm Lake

The Perfect Photographer Group Contest #15- Cityscape .

Winner #5 by boiworx

2nd Place

#6 by bzphotog

vancity HDR

# 9 by michael_davies

Top of the Rock

3rd Place # 2 by M.Bob

New York cityscape - HDR

4th Place # 15 by

Windy afternoon

Winners of Contest #16- Droplet(s)

Winner #27 by Myriam70

2nd Place #18 by Scartist

3rd Place
# 7 By Badri :-)

#20 by Kounelli (going to Greece next week)
Playing with waterdrops

Consolation Prize (Not in Particular Order)

# 1 by Dragan*

# 5 by Geovani Schwarz
Perfect Strangers

# 8 by

Featured Christmas Photos
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Christmas ...

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What to my wondering eyes should appear ...

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Merry Christmas!!!

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Christmas card naughty or nice

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Santa's Helper

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Santa is on his way
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