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The Items We Carry are the small things we put in our pockets or on our persons — the essentials we need to function daily at a basic level.

*If you don't have pockets and say, are a lady, then your purse may serve as your pockets.

Got a bag full of stuff? Perhaps the What's In Your Bag? group is more suitable.

Arrange your items in a similar way and add them to the pool. Submission are limited to one per day. No product shots. No...


  • Limited submissions?

    Is there anyway submissions can be limited to one or two pictures per day? There...

    tadmur18 months ago5 replies

  • Pool Cleaning

    Hello everyone. This group has been needing some care and attention for some ...

    splorp18 months ago2 replies

  • Style & Conscience project

    If you're fascinated by what people have in their bags, then check out this cool...

    christina_nc53 months ago0 replies

  • Gun pictures?

    Are they no longer allowed? I thought they were interesting. (More interesting t...

    Jennifer and Jason Sawyer62 months ago2 replies

  • Guns?

    Really that necessary?

    sensor.sweep62 months ago32 replies

  • Me in my bag

    I was just browsing through flickr and came across this group..which is quite a ...

    Paul Phung71 months ago2 replies

  • Commonly Held Items

    I'm seeing a lot of Apple products (iPods and iPhones), as well as knives. No...

    Giovanni Spina71 months ago3 replies

  • Demographics?

    I'm curious, and maybe this is poor flickr ettique, to know the age range of mem...

    could.beme72 months ago8 replies

  • The Items We Carry: The JPG Mag photo challenge

    I've been asked to be the guest editor for the JPG Mag version of the Items We C...

    naz hamid82 months ago0 replies

  • Pool problems?

    No, not your swimming pool. I mean the photo pool. I've noticed it needs some cl...

    steven t.84 months ago10 replies

  • Overlap with "What's in your bag?"

    My understanding of this pool is that it includes stuff you carry on your own pe...

    fazalmajid90 months ago5 replies

  • Do you wear/ carry jewellery?

    Do you wear or carry jewellery? If you do, what? Do you have sentimental p...

    reescofield90 months ago6 replies

  • The Butterfly Collective Needs You

    You are invited to join and participate in an ongoing global public art/interven...

    MatthewBryant92 months ago0 replies

  • Card Wallets

    I have finally found good recommendations for thin wallets. I stopped carryin...

    alcatholic93 months ago7 replies

  • Space Pens

    How many of you have space pens here? I'm looking for one to go with my moleskin...

    connerdowney93 months ago13 replies

  • iPods vs Micron pens vs Kryptonite keys?

    Which shall prevail? Perhaps the RAZR will be the dark horse, charging from the...

    shuffle/repeat93 months ago15 replies

  • Security: Blur or omit your house keys

    This is paranoid to the max, but you may want to consider blurring or omitting y...

    Katana.2k593 months ago5 replies

  • Timeline of a meme

    july 23rd, morning?: absenter posts a pic of the things he carries for his websi...

    Spor welcomes you to the good life...94 months ago6 replies

  • Observations

    Naz. I am taking this pool to marketing guru for beer money... wait, I mean i-ph...

    puck.ananta94 months ago1 replies

  • Its the items we carry... not the ones we wear...

    So that means no ring, unless your unfaithful and all ways find the need to slip...

    DamianWilliams94 months ago6 replies

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