San Diego Shooter PRO 2:53am, 26 November 2012
when they make it their profile image on Facebook (especially if I have never met them!)
A Life of Cyn PRO 5 years ago
I always like that, too.
San Diego Shooter:

yep its about as good as it gets when the person chooses your photo as their image,
San Diego Shooter:

Skinny Bald Guy™ [deleted] 5 years ago
I really don't look anything like that girl in the bikini.

teh resa PRO 5 years ago
how could you take a great photo of someone without having met them?
chloe & ivan PRO 5 years ago
If someone took a good pic of me I would use it for my profile picture(s)
on FB & other places.
Isa.Risa 5 years ago
Very true... actually that is a really nice nod to the image...

I've had a few friends use images I've taken, one today actually! It always makes me happy to see that as well. :)
Isa.Risa 5 years ago
I need to buy a thesaurus....
I thought those were extinct
San Diego Shooter PRO 5 years ago
teh resa did an event and posted all the images to Facebook..they were tagged in the shot
teh resa PRO 5 years ago
Isa.Risa 5 years ago

Adamina Lisiecka 5 years ago
Me too, that's lovely feeling. Profile one AND the one which is displayed in the background feels even better ;)
rose_peacock PRO 5 years ago
yes, i love that i have several contacts on FB that use my pics...makes me smile. Especially brides.
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