Bite Me!

Paguma / Darren 6:22pm, 20 November 2012
So a photo I submitted to the Icebox that was severely trashed and I was accused of submitting as a joke just sold under a RM agreement through Getty Images for exclusive use in a magazine.

:-P Mexico

Take me to the pool!

Do not underestimate the hound...

P.S. I'm just kidding around, no hard feelings, but I am a little excited about it. Only my 2nd RM sale.
Still The Oldie PRO 5 years ago
Arf! Arf!!
Lord Nikon 12 5 years ago
geoff.greene PRO 5 years ago
Does Floyd get a cut of the royalties?
addie cass 5 years ago
Congrats! :)
CLCsPics PRO 5 years ago
dead? nah...playing 'possum II

in defense of the icebox...this one was sent to the fridge and scooped up by microsoft...
CLCsPics PRO 5 years ago
but on the other hand, the DMU deleted this version, which is closer to the version microsoft bought...

dead? nah...playing 'possum
Paguma / Darren 5 years ago
I know, the Icebox is just a game.

Also, one of my unanicooled imaged went on to become one of my lowest scoring photos in a local photography club. It depends so much on who is doing the judging.

Tang Dynasty Show

Floyd is already treated pretty good!
jakerome PRO 5 years ago
Which magazine? We'll have to see if Guillermo can find a copy.
Paguma / Darren 5 years ago
Not sure I can make sense of it. I think it might have been purchased by an individual for a magazine?

Customer Name: Brasa - Nuez, Paola 357945
Rights Industry: Publishing- Periodicals
Rights Usage: Editorial -- magazine interior

I'm guessing Nuez, Paola is a person not a name of a magazine.
Edson_Matthews PRO 5 years ago
Congrats, Pags!
Josh_Wolf 5 years ago
Perhaps it's this Paola Núñez:

I don't know why she would be buying this photo of Floyd to publish in a magazine, but at least I got to find out who Paola Núñez is...
rose_peacock PRO 5 years ago
Congrats! that's exciting!
JordyR PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by JordyR (member) 5 years ago

And, of course,

This group has almost no understanding of art or photography. But, they think they know what they are taking about -- and that's what makes the game fun!!

You don't try to submit "good" photos to make the fridge, you submit photos that you think the group will think is good. That's the challenge.
Lost In The Dream 5 years ago

Holy Crap... did my subconscious just agree with you?
gdiazdeleon 5 years ago
Paguma / Darren: Ask her... and maybe I can get a copy- or two, for you.
A Life of Cyn PRO 5 years ago
leesure PRO 5 years ago
HrachIke PRO 5 years ago
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