HrachIke PRO 3:16pm, 15 November 2012
to walk around the mall with my giant D800 and 16-35mm lens combo. (while we were shopping for shoes for the kids).

I still feel wierd walking around with it, if that makes any sense. Maybe a social phobia, and I didnt take a lot of shots. The one I took for fam365 project was one of 12 I actually shot even though was there for 2 hours.

I did get the frequent, what is this guy doing pushing a stroller with a giant camera strapped around his neck (probably in my head)

But i am going to try and overcome my social phobia as I have come to realize one thing, pictures with people are way more interesting than pictures of animals and landscapes and shapes. I feel I have learned a lot by simply voting on a lot of images. ANd what i find holds true. 95% of the time, images I like are those when the moment wasnt created it was photographed. My usual time to shoot, besides my 365 is early in am on mornings, wake up go to a spot, shoot for 2 hours and come home and assume my saturday pancake tradition with kids. I think it's great for practice but realized, the shots I like the most I have taken are those when you are prepared....

anyway, if you read this you can wake up now...
CLCsPics PRO 5 years ago
*yawns* *stretches* *opens one eye to read post*
gdiazdeleon 5 years ago
Grand parade
Mall...eww. Take that shit outside!
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