Edson_Matthews PRO 4:22pm, 7 November 2012
I'll tell you...people have come and gone in this group and people have trashed this group coming and going. They just don't know the hearts of the members here until they've stuck around for a while as I have and as others have. I've met some wonderful people here and I am pleased to call you all distant and not-so-distant friends. My wife and I are so touched by the kind words and out-pouring of good will coming from these interwebs. You all have added--if you can believe it--to what has already been a wonderful experience and I'm truly grateful for everything.

Thank you Admods for the group title and sticky. We really appreciate it.

Thank all of you for your kind words.

Thank all of you for pushing my sweet girl right into Explore. Naturally, I think the world should see how cute she is, so it's only right that she's there among the quilts, and waterfalls, and heart-shaped bokeh.

jakerome PRO 4 years ago
Right on bro. Glad we could share in this great day for you, KT & your lovely daughter in some small way.
Isa.Risa 4 years ago
Probably not the last time she'll end up there!

Edson i know you and I have our differences and most likely will again but congrats to you and your family, and I mean that its a good day when a child is born to parents who will love it, care for it, and teach it. Bravo . and know she is going to break your heart and make you the happiest man on the planet. enjoy and be a great father a father i know you can and will be. this is what life is about, this love, not things, not places but this love :)
rose_peacock PRO 4 years ago
can i still have a crush on you?
See how long she can stay in, and how far up she can go. Front page would be nice.....

I faved it.
Oℓivia 4 years ago
That little sweetie is going to have a lot of Explore exposure me thinks! With her beauty + a talented papa = photo gold!! :)
how goes all?
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