jakerome PRO 3:37pm, 18 August 2012
Gentle reminder that we're here to have fun. Our objective should always be to increase our own level of fun, not to wind someone up or give fellow cubes a hard time just because.
aaronalexa05 5 years ago
Fleeting Glimpse PRO 5 years ago
I'm with you!!!
CLCsPics PRO 5 years ago
thanks jake, i was thinking the same thing...
beckstei PRO 5 years ago
but what if winding someone up is fun?
poppelus 5 years ago
Arseholeism is not being tolerated here, ok? Be humankind.

*coughs, slightly indignated*
teh resa PRO 5 years ago
Could somebody link me to the drama that inspired this post?

Just curious.
poppelus 5 years ago

no drama, love.

just drama queens.
floyka PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by floyka (member) 5 years ago
Facebook-Like small

PS, thanks for the Like button!
Skinny Bald Guy™ [deleted] 5 years ago
This is about Jake posting a good photo, isn't it.

I knew you guys were going OTT with the jibes.

*consoles Jake*

You guys are big meanies.
jakerome PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by jakerome (admin) 5 years ago
Let me put it another way.

If someone has annoyed you in some way, instead of responding in kind or trying to get their goat, just ignore it. Or point out that this remark, however unintended, cut deep. Very deep.

What not to do: don't try to get their goat. Don't try to convince them that they're wrong. If you get their goat, so what? And you won't convince them that they're wrong, so why waste energy trying.
HrachIke PRO 5 years ago
I like goats
Still The Oldie PRO 5 years ago
Hopefully, no one will get yours then...
beckstei PRO 5 years ago
I like goat cheese
Paynts1 5 years ago
Thanks Becks - reminds himself to get some cheese - hey, didn't we do this yesterday
Paynts1 5 years ago
Besides, Jake, getting someones goat is tantamount to steeling. If you want a goat, get your own

- Grows more thick skin to put up with the boo boo heads!!
floyka PRO 5 years ago
Did someone say goat?

Still The Oldie PRO 5 years ago
Thought someone should ask a goat's opinion...

"I'm For A Nanny State..."
Paynts1 5 years ago
STO - is that your goat?
Actually Floyka's goat is cute - I might get that one
Paynts1 5 years ago
Someone got me goat so I don't have one any more - I didn't know it was a rule that to join this group you had to have a goat.
Can I borrow one or do I have to get someone elses - then they won't have a goat - I don't get it ("it" not the "goat")
Ludie Cochrane PRO 5 years ago
I think that if someone get's your goat, you should tell them to go climb a tree. . .

Paynts1 5 years ago
there's three goats there - can I have one please
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