geoff.greene PRO 7:10pm, 30 March 2012
So in May the wife and I are going to Paris for 10 days. First time there for both of us. I'm currently using Rosetta Stone to help jog my memory of French from HS/College (although I never did well in those classes so...).

I think we have a few cubes in Paris and I'm sure a few of you have been. Any suggestions on what to do, where to eat and more importantly, what to take pictures of?

I've started a Google Map trying to get my head around where things are:

I'm sure there are many threads about Paris but this one is mine.
Still The Oldie PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Still The Oldie (admin) 6 years ago
Paris Cubes:
Collard Greens

They can give you a residents' view on all your questions, and would [based on experience] be delighted to meet up for a photowalk/bacchanalia if schedules permit.

If it would help, I can offer a purely visitor's perspective if you can provide ideas on your likes/wants/ambitions for the visit etc [I've visited Paris over 200 times]
San Diego Shooter PRO 6 years ago
I met Espinozr and Collard Greens in Paris last August -

We checked out the Military district which was really cool....some other spots that I enjoyed:

Cimetière du Père Lachaise
Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris
Brasserie Printemps (recommended to me by Collard Greens)
ROMANCE , photograph it, and enjoy it :)
geoff.greene PRO 6 years ago
I guess, the best way to describe it is to get as much of the city as it's unlikely we'll be back anytime soon. Food is high up there for me. I don't necessarily need to be a local but I chafe at doing the typical tourists things.
slyder zainy PRO 6 years ago
And whenever anyone says anything to you, whether it be "bon jour" or "mon stylo est grande", just point and say... "if it wasn't for us, you'd all be speaking German!!"

They love it when we say that.
San Diego Shooter PRO 6 years ago
geoff.greene Ignore all my touristy locations then lol
Still The Oldie PRO 6 years ago
I'll f-mail you over the weekend...
Anthony Posey SIR:Poseyal Knight Poet of Desposyni Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Anthony Posey SIR:Poseyal Knight Poet of Desposyni (member) 6 years ago
the following are the things i want to do if and when I am ever in paris
1 make love under the eiffel tower
2 lots and lots of cheap french red wine, cheese
3 the flea market

The Villeneuve du Temple of Paris

and find and pay respects to one of the Black Madonnas
geoff.greene PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by geoff.greene (member) 6 years ago
I'll still do them, you almost have to, but bleh long lines and overpricedness.
there are some hidden templar sights I would have to see and a masonic lodge but thats for another thread
beckstei PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by beckstei (member) 6 years ago
My one trip to Paris, we (hubby and I) were acting all American wherein if an American wants something he/she just steps up and starts asking, like directions. No howdy-do, no lovely day. Let's get to the point. How do I get somewhere? Chop, chop, I have things to do here.

So, the postcard guy at the entrance to the Louvre is standing there. He's not doing anything. It's not like we're stepping in front of anyone, or anything. He's just standing there, staring off into space. And R, who is simply obsessed with asking directions and will stop every five minutes and ask anyone who is nearby how to get someplace, even if there's no place he's trying to get to, walks up to postcard guy and without any la-te-da says "where is...." I don't remember what we were looking for at the time.

The postcard guy, pivots very slowly towards us, lifts his chin, lets out a looong, deliberate sigh, intakes a loud and evident breath and says........ Boooooon Jourrrrrrrrrr, and then begins his answer.

Don't know if you're getting the point, but don't blow by the politeness.

I would echo the catacombs. very interesting.
did i mention sex and wine
Magda Izzard Photography PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Magda Izzard Photography (member) 6 years ago
J'adore PARIS!!!!!!

Things to do:
- Musée d'Orsay
- Eiffel Tower
- Centre Pompidou
- Montmartre/Sacre Coeur area it's a must!
- Ile St. Louis
- Jardin du tuileries

Places to eat:
-Josephine "Chez Dumonet" is great for lunch & dinner, but you will have to book it!
- Le Petit Marche great for dinner!

Places to stay:
- The Pavillon de la Reine is amazing hotel, great location and rooms are gorgeous!
-Hotel le Lavoisier is very unique with an antique design.

Enjoy your trip to Paris!
rose_peacock PRO 6 years ago
I think that i can fit in a suit case
geoff.greene PRO 6 years ago
Has anyone done a day trip to the Champagne region/Reims?

My brother was saying it's an easy train ride and most producers have tours you can sign up for when you reach the city. We were thinking of doing a whole tour group thing but now that seems easier.
CollardGreens PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 6 years ago
* blinks awake *

Let me read this again and come back to at the moment is rather crappy but there we are...

Champagne is worth it's own time - day trip? Would advise you pull up a chair at a local Paris café and take to sampling rather than visiting !

Back to you soon...
CollardGreens PRO 6 years ago
I would caution that the French are quick to retort something about showing up to help with that Cornwallis chap.
geoff.greene PRO 6 years ago
We'll be sampling plenty in Paris but figured it would be fun to see a few caves/cellars.
mswickedmonton PRO 6 years ago
We too are visting Paris/France in the beginning of August, with a week in Paris, and two weeks at a villa in Montpelier.

Although most of Paris will be the typical tourist/local stuff, any suggestions of the south would be greatly appreciated. We'll likely train it from Paris and rent a car in the south, and are considering day/overnight trips to Monaco and/or Barcelona, but haven't planned too much, just hoping I can bear the August heat...

Again, any southern suggestions/must-see's, would be greatly appreciated...
CollardGreens PRO 6 years ago
- A one hour trip each way will get you to from city center Paris to city center Reims where you will find plenty of walk-in champagne a good lunch first in the quaint pedestrian streets. The making of champagne is an interesting subject and more dangerous than you might think...the bottles are under three atmospheres !

Vos horaires aller
Horaires retour
Samedi 14/04

Départ à :

De la gare de :

Arrivée à :

A la gare de :

Transporteur :
CollardGreens PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by CollardGreens (member) 6 years ago
Paris is usually empty of local residents in August...only tourists inhabit the city. Many shops and restaurants are closed for annual leave so best of luck. Paris can be overbearingly hot or freezing in August so don't forget a warmer wrap.

Going south by train is of course the fastest way but you miss a lot along the way...given that you are here in August - train might be a good thing.


August heat? might be surprised... have a look on the globe to see just how far north we are.

The south is the south - sit around, eat, drink, walk, relax....enjoy.
any updates?
mswickedmonton PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by mswickedmonton (member) 5 years ago
Update (since you asked… and since I can view-whore with the best of em'…)

The following are "lead" photos to various series of our visit to Paris and the south of France. Within the comments of each photo I post some blah, blah, blah about our trip, plus a handful of photos "related" to the main photo….

All photos were taken with a FujiFilm Finepix X100….

For the Readers Digest version…. we had a blast!!!

Eiffel Tower
Musee du Louvre - Bleu
Musee du Louvre - Art
Musee du Louvre - In
Sun King's Palace - Versailles
Cimetiere Pere-Lachaise - James Douglas Morrison
Paris… Street
Paris Random
Paris Random - Final Set
Doors of Montagnac
French Wine
Au Sud - Final Drive
Hot damn, that Fuji is SWEEEET
Still The Oldie PRO 5 years ago
In the right hands...

cool, cool cool am planing a trip for feb march now was trying for the new year jan 1st but life has other ideas
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