NAHppy 10:43pm, 19 November 2010
Newbie cube who has a very impressive stream of images
I'm going to watch the general reaction to his submissions with interest, as I think our regulars may find his taste in pp a little challenging.
Personally, I think he has a lot of talent...
rose_peacock PRO 7 years ago
i believe my first reaction was confusion/
JordyR PRO 7 years ago
He will be generally uncooled. His stuff is not technically good. It is interesting, but highly processed.

I may have to invite him to sliders sunday :)
MiltonDonKeynes 7 years ago
intriguing there is positive potential
P1nc 7 years ago
I noticed his style is quite different. The question with this sort of work often is, was it enhanced by processing, or not ...

Ill keep an eye on his work as well, I like people who try different things.
poppelus 7 years ago
Erm.. Some (nice) bitching going on 'ere. Just popped in to greet every1.
I take a bow to the left, one to the right.
Thank you for even bothering to mention me. As some of you have already noticed, my work is too overdone: like a ugly old whore who's desperate to cover her imperfections. It's like that. But I know how to mask things. Do you?
babyruthinmd Posted 7 years ago. Edited by babyruthinmd (member) 7 years ago
like a ugly old whore who's desperate to cover her imperfections. It's like that. But I know how to mask things. Do you?

LOL!! So great! I flipped through your stream quickly, poppelus, I will be back again to really check it out. Like what I've seen so far! :)
poppelus 7 years ago
For starters I would like to eat the bottom half of my last message I posted, although is shite flavoured..
I was too big headed back then. I was talking about blowing smoke in every1's eyes with my iPhone work. ..I used to believe that I have more ideas than megapixels in my head and it mattered.
Well, not quite so since I've joined the IceBox Academy. A good eye opener everything here.
Some of you are really good photographers. And as I wrote in another thread, some of you are talented, some only skilled. And some camera owners. As for me, I own a OlympusE450, no flash, got tripod and for editing I use Flickr's Picnik. Hence the poor editing on many of my pics-but this is no excuse.
I have just received 10(!!!) cools on my last posting and I feel so encouraged. I want to thank those who disliked the crop, the washed out effect, etc. but were kind and fair enough to see beyond it. I want to thank to every 'uncool' awarded on all of my previous postings. They were much needed too.
P1nc 7 years ago
just keep shooting, I think you got tallent, but who am I ? Im just one person there are 6 billion people on this earth with all different tastes ;-)

But personally for whatever its worth to you, I think you got talent !

But I think most people here got talent, and some are already excellent.

The person whos opinions I value most coz I admire there work are


There are some more, but they are not always around. But I respect and value all opinions ! I dont agree with them all, but eeej thats not a necissity.

As Carnagy said once

I can learn from every person coz every person has something in which they are better then me !

I try to live by those standards... And for me the intention of trying to give good feedback counts more then actually giving it. Although of course I learn most from those who know what they talk about.

If I didnt mention your name, please dont take this as an insult, but I think most agree these are the top photographers in this group. Just below that are a lot more !
leesure PRO 7 years ago
WooHoo...looks like I duped another one into thinking I know what I'm doing!
leesure PRO 7 years ago
BTW...for those who have expressed that poppelus has talent, there's this thing you ccan do in this thread ya know....
swissrolli 7 years ago
i never make these lists
leesure PRO 7 years ago
Swissi, did you get my f-mail?
P1nc 7 years ago
thank your work for this ;-)

and I was doing Rock ... still have to finish .. I was half way through his stream...
itspiv 7 years ago
and I was doing Rock ... still have to finish ..

now if this was deleteme uncensored, i know what kind of comment i would make about a statement like that!
itspiv 7 years ago
... but seriously - there are a few iPhone pix with ?layers? that seem pretty cool... the old lady,dog&wheelchair one stands out for me... if you can snap that with an idea as to how it will look when you are done... well COOL!
itspiv 7 years ago
P1nc 7 years ago
poppelus 7 years ago
itspiv, are you mucking my iPhone work, boy?
-william PRO 7 years ago
don't feel bad swissy, i don't either...
poppelus 5 years ago
... Looking back to my arrival here.
Today I've hit 150. A journey I would do again. And again.

I've got a lot of cubes to thank to for where I am.
Isa.Risa 5 years ago
Hooray! Congrats on hitting 150! Well deserved. :)
leesure PRO 5 years ago

He will be generally uncooled.

Oops. ;-)
leesure PRO 5 years ago seems your set is missing some. You have 156 in the Fridge.
HrachIke PRO 5 years ago
congrats bro
Edson_Matthews PRO 5 years ago
Am I the only one who is absolutely shocked that Popps has been around for two years now? It seems like way less than that.
chloe & ivan PRO 5 years ago
Way cool.
You making a book with that Faces of London series?
aaronalexa05 5 years ago
Thread reminds me, where have swsi and NaHappy gone?
poppelus 5 years ago
really so..! where are they?
... and not just them 2. so many many other cubes are missed...!
poppelus 5 years ago
All that is ahead of me is this huge task of shooting 1000.
What will follow, I have no idea just yet. Suggestions are welcome :^)
Nikonsnapper 5 years ago
I like Jordies comment 2 years ago "He will be generally uncooled. His stuff is not technically good. It is interesting, but highly processed.

I may have to invite him to sliders sunday :) "

I think swiss roll had a big housebuilding project he wanted to get on with.
jakerome PRO 5 years ago
Whatever happened to this guy?
poppelus 5 years ago
NAHppy should be appointed the official prophet at Icebox.

Cubes, it's been an unforgettable journey. Little has changed for me since I joined. I still wake up at night to see how the voting goes(when you americanos vote on), just like I was doing over two years ago.
I do a little dance every time one goes to fridge.

It feels good to be here.
It felt good all the way in the game.

Thanx to all.
Best group to be in, ever. Seriously.
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