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jakerome ADMIN April 5, 2016
Rules. The best stuff. Flickr blog.

Group Description

A game based around honest photo critique, but also a community of friends discussing photography & many other topics.

A) Chill.
B) Don't be a complete ass.
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The Philly Icebox Book II Launch Party
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The rest of the rules are at the bottom of the page.

The Icebox Directory

In memory of Dave L. Hohler
Rest in peace Paul Baker, prb10111
We lost Ludie Cochrane

The Icebox Book
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The Commandments
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The Fridge
Cool/uncool messages
Melted muck
The Crematorium
Premature Ejectulation
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Group Rules

A) Chill.
B) Don't be a complete ass.

1) Vote on about 10 other photos for each one submitted, preferably right before you post. On each shot, you gotta vote "cool" or "uncool." Cool is good, uncool is bad.

2) When you vote, leave a comment too. Make sure the comment includes cool! or uncool! Some comments are really helpful, but most are lame! Better to leave good comments & criticism, but as long as there's a comment it qualifies - don't be yellin' at us if you just get 7 people saying bogus.

3) Tag your votes! If the photo is chill, cool, or outstanding, tag it cool, cool2, up to cool7 and beyond. If the photo sucks, is bogus or just average, tag it uncool, uncool2, up to uncool7 and beyond. To make it super easy, use the new bookmarklets (tested on Firefox). To make it super easy, use the voting app.

4) If you get cool7 before you get uncool5, you win dude! Don't do anything until an admin or mod tags it with the special "iceboxcool" tag. You'll then be invited to stick it to The Fridge. You have to have 2 more cools than uncools, so 7-5 gets in but 7-6 doesn't. Voting continues past 7 until the lead opens to 2 or voting reaches 10 (10-9 moves on, regardless of which way it goes). You are welcome to remove photos voted "uncool" from the pool once their fate is determined.

5) You can't delete votes, comments or tags while the photo is in the pool, no matter how rude. Just chill out, ride out the storm, and delete the comments after it gets booted. Or pull it out of the pool early, although someone may post it in the premature ejectulation thread.

6) Don't use the replace photo feature while the photo is in the pool. That's just not cool!

7) Don't block group members because you don't like their Icebox comments.

8) Dude, keep your wicked put downs in the group. Don't take revenge on their stream. That would be so uncool.

You ready to chill? Not many rules in the threads, it's a most-things go group. But we're all ages. Flickr only allows "safe" images in threads. No threats, harassment or anything else that violates Flickr rules. In fact, let's just make it no personal attacks of any kind.

Come on in & chill. Just don't be a complete ass.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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