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For every photo you post please comment on another one with the comment code below:

<img src=""/>
<b><a href="">This is an amazing coloful image - Colors In Our World</a></b>
Please tag with <b>"COLORS IN OUR WORLD"</b>

It Will Look Like This:

This is an amazing Color Image - Colors In Our World
Please tag with "COLORS IN OUR WORLD"

If you complete the 5+ Color comment post Post Pics With 5+ Colors Comments.

Have a nice day!!
photo_salinas 7 years ago
Bebekk_@ 7 years ago
Salento - Località Il Ciolo
DomiKetu 7 years ago
islandfella 7 years ago
Irina Kiseleva PRO 7 years ago
Color Reflection
Lorenzo X 6 years ago
Napoli a colori
Michele - Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Michele - (member) 6 years ago
Weingart Dude 6 years ago
Croixboy 6 years ago
Hot Air Baloon
M a u r i c e PRO 6 years ago
illuminated bouncing ball by M a u r i c e
Isabelle Langlois1 6 years ago
Little heart
goldenindia 6 years ago
aziouezmazouz 6 years ago
a wasp surprise!
Vidya... 5 years ago
Pick the odd one out!!!!   :))))
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