Boy_Wonder 12:43am, 10 May 2012
Hello again!

My how the weeks fly in between these posts!

I'm extremely exciting to kick off the next theme with a word that I think you'll "find" some inspiration with! The word is, of course, FIND!

During the preperation for this photo I had quite the adventure. I decided to cycle out to this beautiful lake about 15km from my house. I packed up my cycling bags with my camera and tripod and the rest of my gear and then put on my backpack that had a few glass bottles of Coca-Cola inside. I turned to grab my keys and all of a sudden I heard a "whoosh...crash.....fizzzzzzzzz" and there was pop and bubbles EVERYWHERE! After cleaning up that mess from the carpet, walls and ceiling, I headed out to attempt the photo only to discover that my bike had a flat tire. I fixed the tire, got back on the bike and got all the way to the lake only to discover that I had forgotten my memory card in the computer!

Needless to say I called it quits for the day and tried again the next night to do this photo, which I'm very proud of. .

The sunset was better the next night away :)

DearNewton [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by DearNewton (member) 4 years ago

For the new word "FIND" inspire me to Wally or Waldo ... CAN YOU FIND HIM?
Boy_Wonder 4 years ago
hahaha! I love that idea!
NMOCgirl 4 years ago
looking and FINDing the way/route to amazing views in LA
exploring by NMOCgirl
mjcollins photography 4 years ago
Coca-cola by mjcollins photography

I am trying to FIND my niche. Everyone seems to have a common theme and are very good at their style of photography. I feel aimless without much impact. I lack clarity in a crowd of brilliant artists.

This shot has been done a bazillion times, but I just received a new 50mm lens for Mother's Day and have been aching to play with it and recreate so many inspirational shots I've seen. Maybe with some more practice and patience, the path will suddenly be illuminated much like the pretty bokeh lights. Then my niche will be found.
Boy_Wonder 4 years ago
beautiful capture with your 50mm!
55randomclicks PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by 55randomclicks (member) 4 years ago
Mark III:: Find

It is always when we get lost, that we find ourselves!
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