Coca-Cola 2:01pm, 1 February 2012
Hello Friends on Flickr,

The pictures you’ve shared with The Coca-Cola Company group continue to inspire us—yet it’s time to give you new inspiration. Starting today, we’ll give you one word, twice a month. Use your imagination to translate each word into a photograph. Then share this: how did the moment you captured make you happy?

And now, we’re super excited to introduce to you our fan and friend Joel (aka Boy_Wonder). As a kid, Joel begged his parents to paint his room Coca-Cola red. Well, his parents may not have shared the same vision for his room, but his creative spirit wasn’t lost—Joel now captures moments of Coca-Cola in many of his amazing photographs.

Joel will take a photograph for each of the Coca-Cola themed words, sharing artist’s notes about how he took the shot. He’ll also chime in and connect with group members within the discussion forum, as you too capture and share photographs inspired by our words and your moments.

Looking forward to sharing and delighting in your photographs. We may even connect your photos within our Flickr group with millions of other fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thank you for being a fan of Coca-Cola!

Casey @ Coca-Cola
Invisible Cirkus PRO 6 years ago
Casey, you chose such a gem with joel. he rocks and so does this new thematic vision for your company.
Coca-Cola 6 years ago
Aww, thanks! We do have the best fans--Joel's a great reminder of that :-)

Hope you'll join the conversation on "together" and share your pictures too!

katerha PRO 6 years ago
Boy_Wonder fans + Coca-Cola fans = AWESOME Group!
Should be interesting!
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