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Author: Dr. Nathan Van Sertima

Augusta Chronicle (owned and operated by white supremacist Billy Morris) has a documented history in the Central Savannah River Area for false news reporting and fabricating or distorting statements allegedly said by many Minority Leaders and especially Male Political Candidates; such as: Senator Charles Walker, Ronnie Few, Charles Smith, and Board of Education Candidate Rev. Dr. Franklyn V. Beckles, Jr. The most grievous of racist attacks were against NAACP Leader Charles Smith and political smear campaign targeting Dr. Beckles in 2013 and 2014 to prevent him from ending child abuse in public schools and improving the failing leadership of the Richmond County Board of Education. Dr. Beckles a Church Pastor, School Teacher, Firefighter, and Community Leader was repeatedly slandered by the Augusta Chronicle for defending his Son, Christian Beckles, along with other Parents of Elementary school kids who had been bullied by students and teachers, and victimized by a dishonest & immoral Richmond County School Principal Kimberly Davis, who is stubbornly protected by the Richmond County Board of Education. The Augusta Chronicle racist Staff (already had a vendetta against the renowned Church Pastor for exposing racism and injustice with other firefighters against the Augusta Fire Department, and slated criminal misconduct by the degenerate sociopath Christopher “Sell-out” James. Their worst reporter, feminist bastard- Tracey McManus conspired with the ex-Richmond County Superintendent Frank Roberson (a known alcoholic & liar) to cover up child abuse, feminism, and racism in the public school system. The Chronicle’s primarily goal was to improve the bad image of the RCBOE and the embattled Copeland Elementary School principal- Kimberly Davis (infamous for having a failing record as a public school educator). The RCBOE and The Augusta Chronicle collaborated in covertly discrediting, bullying, and publishing lies against the respected Man of God who protested against child abuse with a large group of concerned parents!! The Augusta Chronicle, is a famous southern “red neck” newspaper publishing company that hires second-rate journalists, and has many enemies in the Black Communities of the CSRA, littered with numerous discrimination & defamation lawsuits filed against them, and continues to employ racist or illiterate reporters to print lies against notable African American male civic leaders and sabotaging civil rights issues in the South. The Augusta Chronicle thrives on these satanic procedures due to racial and sex discrimination. The Editorial staff allegedly takes bribes from wealthy racist and corrupt government officials, agencies or organizations in the Central Savannah River Area!! Criminal acts against minority men, racism, and black-on-black crime are consistently routine in the South, and especially in the CSRA. On June 6, 2013, the latest hack reporting came from Tracey McManus who printed lies about Dr. Beckles, stated that she got her sources from an alleged phone calls, “imaginary people”, crap published on the internet by cyberbullies from the Klu Klux Klan, feminist bastard ex-girlfriends, and citing corrupt city employees like Assistant Fire Chief Christopher James, about Dr. Beckles’s career background. In 2014, the Chronicle used another cowardly reporter to use the same questionable and unreliable tactics to slander Dr. Beckles again, to derail his political campaign and aide his opponent, Charlie Hannah in cheating to win the election for the District 2 Board of Education seat. As with the Richmond County Board of Education, the unsporting Augusta Chronicle has routinely camouflaged embarrassing scandals and criminal negligence toward good firefighters on behalf of the Augusta Fire Department, and whistle-bowers were always slandered, fired, black-balled, murdered, falsely arrested, and harassed for decades, dating back to the 1800s! A Human Resource Committee ruled that it was Christopher James and Chief Howard Willis’s fault for firefighters being hazed and injured on duty! Christopher James was the Training Supervisor (investigated numerous times for misconduct and harassing fellow employees) for The Augusta Fire Department. He allowed and encouraged firefighters to physically attack, mistreat each other causing injuries, and then would deny medical treatment to the firefighters who reported him and his staff. Many firefighters including Dr. Beckles and Rev. Sloan Griffin documented their concerns to The Augusta Chronicle in 2010. But was uniformly ignored because the Chronicle Staff did not consider injustice against black men newsworthy. Nevertheless, rumors of the scandal caused Chris James and Chief Willis to be investigated, and finally in 2012, Chief Willis was fired for misconduct!! But that is only part of the Augusta Chronicle’s reputation for hack-racist journalism (read up on civil rights cases published by the Chronicle dating back to the 1960s, and check out the hatched job they did on another black firefighter and civic leader –Ronnie Few, and recently the onslaught of slander on Augusta NAACP Leader Charlie Smith, a former RCBOE employee, and publicly endorsing lies to support slum landlord and gangster Charlie Hannah out of hatred for Dr. Beckles and the Augusta Parents Committee for exposing their lies and filing a lawsuit against them). Many reports and news articles about allegations like these were submitted to newspapers like the Augusta Chronicle, including information recorded about scandals by other corrupt agencies like: the Richmond County Sheriff’s Department and Aiken County Police Departments. To which, the Augusta Chronicle Staff, and local media affiliates has a long standing tradition for covering up and publishing lies to make the CSRA and particularly the city of Augusta look good, and are willing to go to any lengths to do that, including committing unlawful subversive acts of civil rights, and constantly slandering minority leaders. On June 6, 2013: The Augusta Chronicle spearheaded a liable and racist campaign of: false reports, misleading information, cyberbullying, and slanderous articles (for which they were sued for doing to others many times). Instead of accurately reporting the hottest news story of the year 2013, they unwittingly conspired with the Richmond County Board of Education, to railroad Dr. Beckles, the notable, civil rights activist, respected Church Pastor and father of five kids along with other concerned parents and teachers, who are all good people and law bidding citizens with legitimate concerns. The modern civil right protesters were obliviously seen as a threat to a corrupt political machine of dishonest and immoral city leaders that had a vested interest in protecting the RCBOE and unethical agencies like them. The evidence to prove the misconduct allegations against The Richmond County School Board, the embattled School Principal Kimberly Davis, and the Augusta Chronicle were promptly submitted to an attorney for another civil lawsuit against the evil bastards!! The Augusta Chronicle’s efforts to conceal the latest RCBOE scandal, was in fact to protect the fractured image of the Augusta School Board and to aid a psychopathic school principal who had been mistreating, abusing, and wrongfully suspending good children for years!! Tyrone McCoy, WJBF Journalist stated- “Some Parents at Copeland Elementary School say Principal Kimberly Davis has lost control of the school, and they've signed a petition demanding that she be replaced. Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles, Jr., says his son's glasses were broken when was bullied and Principal Davis failed to do anything about it. So, he took his issues up with the Richmond County Board of Education. I spoke with Ms. Missoura Ashe, who assured me that everything would be taken care of and, of course, it wasn't. Another parent, Iesha McClendon, also spoke out against the principal at Copeland Elementary School. She says Davis sent her child home from school, without a write-up, in the car of a faculty member. The outraged mother took the issue straight to the principal.” Like Dr. Beckles, McClendon says she then turned to the Richmond County Board of Education, speaking with Deputy Superintendent Tim Spivey, but that appears to be as far as her complaint went. Richmond County School Superintendent Frank Roberson says this is the first he’s heard of these accusations (one of many lies told by Roberson), but that he intends to resolve them. Some teachers also appear to be concerned about how discipline is handled in Richmond County.” Habitually the Board of Education maintained a “clueless” attitude toward child abuse and bullying, and the Superintendent and administrators were not telling the truth or admitting to the problem. The Board of Education had also been dealing with several harassment suits at the time, and suffered numerous litigation dating back to the 1990s. Still, the Superintendent said things are under control. McCoy asked: “Mr. Roberson, is there a problem in Richmond County schools?” He answered- “There's not a problem in Richmond County Schools,” when the RCBOE has been suffering from repeated public scandal, discrimination lawsuits, teacher dismissals, and “revolving door” appointments of new Superintendents (soon after this scandal Roberson’s employment contract was terminated, and of course, this time they hired a female Superintendent with a checkered background in education from DeKalb County, and like Roberson, she’s no stranger to misconduct). The June 6, 2013 March against the RCBOE, will live on in infamy. Because the corrupt and racist political machines of the CSRA (like the Richmond County Board of Education and the Augusta Fire Department), has eroded the constitutional rights of African American men for decades. Only one man stood up to them and faced the onslaught of their vicious attacks; including being falsely arrested, slandered, bullied, and black-balled. Just like what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., endured. Its brave men like Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr., who are truly what remains of Dr. King’s fragmented legacy. Not the evil men and women or “uncle tom” Negroes that suck up to the immorality and feminism of the white man’s world. No wonder good citizens and true heroes like Rev. Dr. Frank Beckles are constantly lied on and unfairly targeted for standing up against injustice!! His enemies are also the enemies of God, and they all bare the mark of the beast. Look at what evil black feminist liars are doing to American icon, Bill Cosby! Numerous crime statistics, internal affairs investigations, and complaints report that: Racism, police corruption, feminism, sexual immorality, and social injustice is a way of life in the Central Savannah River Area, clearly a retirement concentration camp for rednecks, feminist bitches, faggots, old people, dirty cops, and incompetent government officials. This is the symbol of what racist businesses like the Augusta Chronicle represent, but it should not be for what America stands for…

The End

References: Numerous News and Journalistic Reports, Public Records & Documents, Witnesses, and Recorded Statements by Several Credible and Reliable News Sources.

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