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@ aguirre ADMIN February 20, 2009
Welcome. I'm seriously impressed with the quality of the images in this group. Truly beautiful and inspirational work. Take a look and make sure to let the artists know what you think. Make sure you check out An Empty Selection Post, where empty space shots of the week will be featured.=======Thanks for stopping by.


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My submission's not in the Pool! What gives? @ aguirre 5 Mike Oddhayward 7 years ago

Group Description

The Art of Empty Space showcases images that create dynamic focal points and compositions with the use of empty (or negative) space. Traditionally, negative space is defined as the "empty" areas within an image. As made clear by the images in this pool, you'll see that what is empty can be very tangible.

Our most interesting...
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About Submissions
We moderate all images submitted in order to maintain overall quality of submissions. We're pretty picky and may decline an image even if it might fit within the groups description. Please note that even previously accepted images may occasionally be cleared to maintain the pools diversity and quality.

Group Guidelines:
Submitted images are moderated. Unless invited your submission will go into a queue for approval.

We're looking for artistic images that use negative or empty space creatively to create flow, balance, emotion, art, etc. (Much harder than it looks). Don't expect all your submissions to make the cut. Photos must have at least some artistic merit and although art is very subjective here are some guidelines:

Photos most likely to be rejected:
(There are rare exceptions to this)

Geometric shapes
Photographs with borders and/or added text
Photographs with a cluttered background that drown out the subject
Photographs of art work or signage
Hands in the sky
Feet on ground
City Skylines or buildings
Sweeping landscapes
Flower macros
Pictures of walls
Common or cliche pictures

Photos most likely to be accepted:
Must have a clear subject or subjects (very important)
Have a strong concept
Evoke a mood, theme or tell a story, etc.
Engage the viewer
Use negative space effectively
Could hang in a gallery
Have excellent composition

No Porn
Nudes are acceptable as long as it's tasteful
Photo Manipulations are acceptable

Also, PLEASE respect photographer's/artist's copyright rules!


"Thirty spokes are united with the hub of the wheel. Because of this empty space, the cart has a function. By making boundaries with clay there is a vessel. Because of this empty space, the vessel has a function. By chiseling doors and windows, a house is made. Because of this empty space, the house has a function. Thus, the form is that which allows for benefits. The empty space is that which allows for function..."—Dao De Jing.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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