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Lone Wanderer- SPW Weaponsmith ADMIN July 18, 2010
This group accepts all creations from Pimp My Gun, MS Paint, and Various Character Creators. -good character creator

Group Description

The year is 2018 and the world has been ravaged with nuclear war and society has plummeted to a primative state. The wastes of the Eastern U.S. are now scouerd with disease, civil war, killing, and stealing. With no current government, laws are unheared of. Its kill or be killed and life is a constant fight for survival. Mutants thrive within pre-war cities and constantly threaten the lives of wasteland civilians. In the desolate wastes, food is scarce, water is radiated, and bands of raiders kill for supplies and fortune. However, society has been able to survive by creating towns and havens throughout the wastelands and a few armed coalitions have been erected to defend the civilians of the wastes from everyday threats.

This group is your oportunity to create your own character and log his or her day to day fight for survival and create home made/ modded weapons to aid in their quests throghout the wastes.

Group Rules

This group only accepts creations from:
-Pimp My Gun
-Microsoft Paint
-Various Character Creators


Additional Info

  • Members can post 10 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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