Si-MOCs 4:37pm, 9 October 2016
We're (Pico) is working on Last year's poster - time to start this years, much like last year request please save us some time and upload your pics!

I'm starting on this year's poster, and need everybody's SHIP side view.

I will do a pass through the '16 Armada thread to grab them, but if you'd rather save me some time by uploading a .png with a transparent background to my Dropbox, that would be much appreciated.

• PNG format SHIP sideview

• file name is your flickr username (eg. armoredgear7.png) so I can easily correlate the data.

Upload here:
Rphilo004 Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Rphilo004 (admin) 2 years ago
Uploaded PNG! Cheers Simon!
dr_spock_888 2 years ago
PNG uploaded.
Loysnuva 2 years ago
Png uploaded Simon.
Erunaamo Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Erunaamo (member) 2 years ago
Working on better pics now...I'll drop you one tonight.

[EDIT: I did.]
Jason Corlett 2 years ago
BobDeQuatre 2 years ago
Done too!

And to help you further, my file is named 11.png, which is a great name for a file!!
Oracle of Mechanus Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Oracle of Mechanus (member) 2 years ago
...Hyperdrive coordinates acquired...
...Jump ongoing...
...Armada in sight....

Brick Martil 2 years ago
PNG uploaded
ba5t4rdof1962 2 years ago
Swoosh....... There it is! :-))
SweStar 2 years ago
PNG uploaded
ama77what 2 years ago
Done. Thanks for doing this, the one for 2015 looks great.
ACPin 2 years ago
BrickCurve 2 years ago
Aidan Caplan 2 years ago
Done-zel Washington!
F@bz 2 years ago
Silure33 (by F@bz) uploaded
KANICHUGA 2 years ago
PNG uploaded.
Sunder_59 2 years ago
Eínon 2 years ago
Also done
SpaceMan Nathan 2 years ago
It told me I was done anyway.
ChrisR18t 2 years ago
Veynom 2 years ago
PNG uploaded.
Forgotten Days 2 years ago
Elephant-Knight 2 years ago
Didn't see this, but I dropped my two images
AL13N163NA 2 years ago
I hope I'm not late, again, Thks Simon
FonsoSac 2 years ago
I didn't see this, I've uploaded my PNG
simonebissi 1 year ago
So no poster for 2016?
Brixnspace 1 year ago

That'd be a shame!


Shout if you need halp :)
Si-MOCs 1 year ago

Well... if you have time .... >.>
simonebissi 1 year ago

If you have already all the pics uploaded and i need "only" to choose a right background and put all the ships over that i can give you an hand.
Brixnspace 1 year ago

No worries, I'm on it ;) Need to finish a SHIP first tho..
simonebissi 1 year ago

Sounds good! thanks man! i really love this competition!!!!
Brixnspace 1 year ago
The armada assembled
SHIPtember 2016 Poster by Brixnspace
simonebissi 1 year ago
8-OOOOOO thanksssss
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