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Si-MOCs PRO 8:05pm, 4 September 2013
Post your FINISHED SHIPs here.
Include one photo with your SHIP's longest axis along the horizontal, with the front pointing to the RIGHT (point ----> way) - so we can put together the uber SHIPtember 'schematic' poster. This can be a side angle, or top angle, or ... bottom angle if you so wish ;)
Whatever you think is bested.

(like Luke's below - AND a high contrast background would also help for cropping purposes...)

As well as any other photos/videos you might have of your SHIP to show off (as this is probably where the Judges will troll through at some point).

When posting also include fun vitals like:

SHIP name:
Final SHIP length:
Short SHIP Bio (all good SHIPs need a good story):
Number of SHIPs you have built in your life (I bet someone that number of SHIPs built will have no bearing on awesomeness of said SHIPs).

Please tag ALL photos with: "SHIPtember"
(1 to 100 of 145 replies)
LukeClarenceVan 5 years ago
Name: Drifter
Length: 108 Studs
Story: 2112 AD
At long last The LEGO Group tracked down and captured the final CEO of mega-bloks. Imprisoning him in a glass enclosure and welding it to an old garbage hauler, LEGO effectively neutralized their last competition. Mr. Blokhead now drifts through space, at the whims of the bored and careless pilot.
Number of SHIPs built: 1
Drifter by LukeClarenceVan
F@bz Posted 5 years ago. Edited by F@bz (member) 5 years ago
Name = Le Milan Noir (Methane space-tanker)
Studs = 135

Le Milan Noir :

Longueur 540m
Diametre d'une shere 44m
Capacite de transport 225.000m3

Le Milan Noir est un méthanier a sphères. Utilisé pour le transport de methane liquide , sa robustesse et sa fiabilité en matiere de securité ont fait sa reputation parmi les meilleurs transporteur de sa categorie. (Notemment grace a ces spheres a triples coques et ses detecteurs de fuites ultra sensibles)

Number of SHIPs built: 1

Le Milan Noir (1) by F@bz
Elephant-Knight 5 years ago
Name: Epsilon Elnath.
Length 120 studs.
A multi-purpose Blacktron warship. Can carry many different things in it's forward section, such as two Allied Avengers, 6 Supernova 2s, lots of cargo, a Spectral Starguider without ship, and much more. carries 6 small double lasers cannons, and one double turbo laser cannon.
SHIPS built: This is my 6th SHIP, all of which have been Blacktron II.

Epsilon Elnath by Elephant-Knight
IronBricks 5 years ago
SHIP name: U.S.S. Ethan Allen
Final SHIP length: 111 studs.
Short SHIP Bio (all good SHIPs need a good story): //logentry

Almost one hundred years after the most devastating war in universe history, another war has been declared. The United States has gone through 2 recessions since the War of the Galaxies (3163-3165 a.d.), due to the fluctuating economy because of the war costs, but it managed to come back through both, surviving, if not thriving. I'm Captain Allen, of the U.S.S. Ethan Allen, and appropriate name I believe. I'm not quite sure who Ethan Allen was, but he was a famous historical character sometime during the Revolutionary War. I've been given permission to search out and destroy all enemy vessels, which isn't hard considering my weaponry. I have a fearsome array. I am the only captain of the entire fleet who is capable of running this ship, deteriorating though it may be. Sadly, many people are claiming it's "unfit to fight". It may be discoloring and aging, but it's still got a lot of fight. I would know, I'm the captain! My crew and I are determined to win this war for America, and like the Marines say, we are "Semper Fidelis", or Always Faithful."

~ Captain Robert Allen


A year later, the Ethan Allen was scrapped and the captain and crew disappeared. They couldn't bear the scrapping of their beloved ship, and even when it was being ripped apart they still loudly protested that it was still very serviceable. They left and haven't been seen since. It's believed they became pirates in some far galaxy. Wherever they are, I wish them all well.

~ Joseph Allen, son of Captain Robert Allen.

(I hope that bio wasn't too long, sorry. : / )

Number of SHIPs you have built in your life: 2

U.S.S. Ethan Allen by IronBricks

SHIPtember photo:
SHIPtember Poster by IronBricks
pasukaru76 PRO 5 years ago
Name: Lucky Dragon No. 8
Length: 125 studs
Short bio: Some cargo doesn't need to be delivered quickly, and this cargo solar sailer out of Neo-Shanghai can get the job done at little expense.
Number of SHIPs built: 2

Main photo:
Lucky Dragon No. 8 by pasukaru76

Profile shot:
Lucky Dragon Profile by pasukaru76
cmaddison PRO 5 years ago
Length: 108 studs
My first SHIP.

The Erasmus by cmaddison

Here's the part where I'm a jerk for not reading directions before taking pics...I'm assuming this can get flopped around to point the right way?
02 by cmaddison
DW Studios - MI Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Si-MOCs (admin) 5 years ago
pasukaru76 PRO 5 years ago
Name: JC-4 Bellerophon
Length: 105 studs (excluding front antennas)
Short bio: A former tanker turned warship, the Bellerophon played an important role in gaining independence for the Jovian Alliance..
Number of SHIPs built: 3

Main photo:
Jovian Alliance JC-4 Bellerophon by pasukaru76

Profile shot:
JC-4 Bellerophon (Profile) by pasukaru76
armoredgear7 5 years ago
all SHIPs posted thus far have been Photoshopped for the final poster.
Fithboy Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Fithboy (member) 5 years ago
Name: CIS Leech Droid (Thank you to Scorpix of Eurobricks)
Length: 101 studs
SHIP Bio: The CIS developed this ship later on in the Clone Wars to transport Super Battle Droids across planets quickly. It not only took the Droids, but had storage capacity for ammunition and fuel for the front-line. Unfortunately for the Federation, they were put into service so late on that they barely saw any action before the end of the war. In the years that followed they were either cannibalized by pirates and sold in separate parts or taken by companies as part of freighter fleets.
SHIPs I have built in the past: 0

SHIPtember: CIS Leech Droid by Fithboy

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQvxpChFIgQ&lc=GOcopG0xFxEsJi...
[Rivet] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by [Rivet] (member) 5 years ago
Name: USSS Cephalopod
Length: A tad over 100 studs.
SHIPS built: 2

Side View

I really don't like this. : /

It doesn't even merit a description.
*jwaldo* PRO 5 years ago
It doesn't meet the rules per se, but what the heck...

T.S.S. Skipjack Light Escort Frigate by *jwaldo*

T.S.S. Skipjack, Unitron Light Escort Frigate

Length: 108 studs

United Terran Space Force Dorado class (refit) long-range escort frigate T.S.S. Skipjack

As part of the Space Defense Force’s Fleet Modernization Project, the remaining ex-Futuron PTY-51 Dorado-class escort/patrol frigates were extensively overhauled to extend service life. Upgrades including a redesigned bridge module, extended crew space, a new drive assembly, and upgraded sensor package significantly expanded the ships’ operational range as well as improving its fighting ability. PTY-5171, the TSS Skipjack, was the second ship of the class to undergo refitting. Though lightly armed, the fast Dorado class is more than a match for any typical pirate vessel.

1st SHIP built
Mark of Falworth PRO 5 years ago
The Doomsday

My unorthodox entry. ;)
109 studs.

I'll try to get the right angle taken ASAP.
Brother Steven 5 years ago
The United Nathalian Starship Pollux,
UNS Pollux

126 studs long and weighs a hefty 9 pounds

built for incredible torque and strength, so exquisitely designed, that this behemoth can be run solely by 3 human personnel and 9 androids. Powerful enough to reach speeds of Warp 12 in 4.3 seconds, and armed with devastating photon torpedoes and dilithium phaser banks, the POLLUX is a stunning sight to behold.
sky4walker Posted 5 years ago. Edited by sky4walker (member) 5 years ago
HG-115 ESS Proteus

HG-115 ESS Proteus by sky4walker

Better sideview

proteus_sideview by sky4walker

Short Bio

When the human race went to Alpha Centauri in the year 2378 a peaceful settlement was build. They all lived in peace until the Darterians ( a robot race ) arrived and changed their lives forever. In the years to come humans lived in hidden homes to hide themselves from the ruthless robot race until a small group rebelled. The rebels fled to a nearby star system to build a weapon so magnificent they could attack their suppressors and strike back. They called it "Proteus" ....

Technical data

The Proteus is a heavy gunship class.

6 dual ion guns
2 dual short range defense guns
70 missile launcher tubes
1 railgun capable of launching "moonkiller" projectiles

28 fighter launch bays
4 shuttle launch bays
2 big hangars

630 meters long
65 meters wide

Length: 120 STUDS without the antennas in front and back.

This is my second SHIP build. The first one was called the Interstellar Transport Ship ITS. Both in micro scale.

This ship was build after Red Spacecat told me to give it a try. Normally I prefer building in mini fig scale.

I was told about SHIPtember and want to participate. I hope you guys like it ....
pasukaru76 PRO 5 years ago
Name: JX-1 Korolev
Length: 108 studs
Short bio: The Korolev is an experimental spacecraft designed to test mankind's first FTL stardrive.
Number of SHIPs built: 4

Main photo:
Jovian Alliance JX-1 Korolev by pasukaru76

Profile shot:
JX-1 Korolev Profile by pasukaru76
ted @ndes PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by ted @ndes (member) 5 years ago
Name: Leviathan
Captain: Ezra Blackthorn
Length: 106 studs
Number of SHIPs built: 1

Leviathan by ted @ndes

Excerpt from “Unexplained Mysteries of Deep Space, Vol. XII”:

“… At the time of construction, the Leviathan was considered an engineering marvel. Much has been written about its technical prowess that gave it superiority in countless battles during the Third Galactic War. However, much less is known about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the Leviathan’s sudden disappearance.

Sometime after the Battle of Delta Cygni, Capt. Ezra Blackthorn reported that they had encountered a strange, green-glowing orb during a deep-space patrol. It emitted immeasurable amounts of energy. Capt. Blackthorn felt that if they could find a way for the Leviathan to harness that energy, the ship’s offensive and defensive power would be insurmountable and they could bring about a swift end to the war… The results of those efforts are uncertain. The last known communication received from the Leviathan was that they had successfully coupled the orb to the power-core, and that they were routing its power to all systems…”

Leviathan Front

Leviathan Side

(PS - may edit this post to add a swoosh video link below...)

Leviathan Swoosh by ted @ndes
Si-MOCs PRO 5 years ago
Errant Venture - ToroLUG SHIPtember Build

The Errant Venture was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer captured by the smuggler Booster Terrik. Originally commissioned into the Imperial Navy as the Virulence, under Terrik's ownership she became a sort of mobile shadowport, and was for many decades the only privately-owned Imperial- or Imperial II-class Star Destroyer in the known galaxy, distinguished by its unusual red coloring.


Built by ToroLUG at SW Days @ LDC in Toronto, this might not be the biggest ship built studwise, but at 102 studs long, it's the longest physical SHIP, ... at roughly 25 feet long XD
It's built entirely out of the squishy bricks from kids play area.

This also uses EVERY SINGLE brick in the entire center ;)

It was not swooshable.

Errant Venture - ToroLUG SHIPtember Build
armoredgear7 5 years ago

I don't think that one will be going in the poster, as it will dwarf all other SHIPs.
armoredgear7 5 years ago
All SHIPs posted so far have been masked for final poster, except I need better sideviews from the following people:

Mark of Falworth
Brother Steven
and F@bz I've used the one posted but a more side-on photo would be better.
.Tromas [deleted] 5 years ago
armoredgear7: Well Simon gets his own poster then :)

LukeClarenceVan 5 years ago
Just put Simon's in at 102 studs. ;)
Si-MOCs PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Si-MOCs (admin) 5 years ago
LukeClarenceVan: It's ToroLUG's SHIP, not Simon's.
I was just the one that made everyone suggested we do it.

I actually can't decide if it should go in the poster... it would detract from the serious efforts that ACTUAL builders put into their SHIPs... at the same time, it's so damn funny.

New desktop background!
Disco86 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Disco86 (member) 5 years ago
SHIP name: FB21- Freighter Class Botany
Final SHIP length: 111 studs
SHIPs so far: Only this one

FB 21 - Freight Class Botany

After the first experiments on Terranova, they reached their goal to raise plants successfully. The European Defence Alliance (EDA) wanted to force populating the planet. Time was short, because the conditions on earth were getting worse every day. So they decided to transport grown-up trees to Terranova for producing oxygen as fast as they could. The adapted Freighter Class was engineered and after rooting out some of the last trees on earth, an armada of freighters started their way into the new world.

FB 21 - Freight Class Botany

Swoooosh - One handed

There are more detailed pictures available at my stream.

Thanks a lot for hosting this awesome contest. This SHIP was the best MOC I have ever built, I had a lot of fun while doing this.

Greets Disco86
sky4walker 5 years ago
I'll sent a side picture this weekend ...
CrossEyedPaul 5 years ago
Here is my first SHIP ever! Its 104 studs long and built using just the big B-Wing kit.

Insurgent (SHIP)
IronBricks 5 years ago

Dang, just the B-wing kit? That's awesome!
Adam Unterreiner [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Adam Unterreiner (member) 4 years ago
SHIP name: Adam's SHIP
SHIP length: 102x200

This is my first SHIP.


Guss De Blöd Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Guss De Blöd (member) 4 years ago
OK here's mine !
I decided to mix Shiptember and NoVVember, is that a problem ? :D

Total Length : ~109 studs
Swooshable : yes, of course!
It's my first SHIP , I never built something that big before. It features 5 lights brick.

Obligatory stupid montage by Guss De Blöd

Some details by Guss De Blöd

N-Class A.04 "school carrier"

Length : 1.1 km
Weapons : none
Crew : 400 + 500 students.
Propulsion : huge main thruster sufficient for it cruising speed, 4Rocket thrusters for an emergency boost, 2 additionnal thrusters mainly used for agility, afterburner system for all of them. with all of them at full thrust, it can maintain a speed of more than 1km/s for several hours.
Jump drive: internal Jump system, allowing it to jump to a distance of 100 LY max.
Features : 3 docks for cruisers, huge hangar for 5 to 10 frigates, maintenance bay, An agile arm with a claw to recover wrecks.

This carrier is an old class exploration carrier converted into a Flying Academy.
It's the most prestigious academy of the federation and a very expensive one, with only 500 students living there 8 months a year, really exploring the galaxy while studying.

It's equipped with 3 cruiser sizes ship that can dock on it side;
The yellow one is the Transport ship of the school, nicknamed the "Yellow bus". It can carry up to 600 people + supplies.
The blue one is a recon cruiser, unarmed but very hard to detect as it carry a camouflage module and it's equipped with a lot of different sensors.
The red one is a Battle Cruiser, Not a very well armored ship but very fast and agile, and equipped with 4 deadly triple-canon turrets and a big railgun on it center, wich can only fire straight forward but can deal a lot of damage.

In addition to these 3 cruisers it carry 5 frigate, 2 yellow bombers and 3 battle frigates

The carrier itself isn't armed and only one of it side is armored, so in case of battle it commander have to be very skilled to keep it under fire from the right side at any moment.
For that it can rely on it 2 wing thrusters wich help it be the most agile ship of this size. plus in battle condition it 1km/s top speed also makes it one of the fastest.

swooooosh by Guss De Blöd

SHIPtember Mandatory Shot by Guss De Blöd
Dodge... 5 years ago
Name: The Nolan
Length: 129 studs
Weight: 10 lbs.
# of SHIPs: 1

The Nolan - sideview

The Nolan is an Apollo-Class science / exploration vessel from the Krakozhian system of planets. Captain Josh Baskin keeps to the ships schedule, as it travels through space. A large team of scientists make their home of the vessel, tasked to study the area known as Perdition in the system, looking for various unknown planets and phenomena.

The science staff make use of three types of vehicles to get a closer look at some other their subjects: larger vessels known as ‘Woody’s’ contain small research stations for extended stays on the surface; short range transports, called ‘short stops’, allow teams to enter the atmosphere of new-found planets; small lifeboats are also available for emergency getaways.

Since the Nolan is away for often years at a time, the vessel utilizes an energy-saving circular wave propulsion system to move it through space. This allows for stability in flight and ease of maneuverability.

As the Krakozhian system is a peaceful place, the Nolan has no weaponry adorning its hull.

This was a lot of fun to figure out and build. I was hoping for a challenge such as this, so I am grateful for the opportunity to build it. ‘Hanks’ for the memories!
pasukaru76 PRO 5 years ago
Name: JC-37 Keyblade
Length: 119 studs
Short bio: The Keyblade was the first of a line of missile cruisers that were instrumental in freeing the solar system from the dominance of the Terran Union.
Number of SHIPs built: 4.5

Feel free to ignore this as an entry as it's a refit of my previous "JX-1 Korolev" entry.

Main photo:
Jovian Alliance JC-37 Keyblade by pasukaru76

Profile shot:
Keyblade Profile by pasukaru76
armoredgear7 5 years ago

I've already masked the Korolev, and I think that one has a more interesting profile anyway.
pasukaru76 PRO 5 years ago
armoredgear7: Yup, agreed.
Rphilo004 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Rphilo004 (admin) 5 years ago
Name: UEA Columbia (BCVF-22)
Length: 106 Studs (not including antenna or engine exhaust)
Number of SHIPs built: 1

Main Photo:
UEA Columbia (BCVF-22)

The second Washington-class battle carrier to be commissioned by the United Earth Alliance Navy, The UEA Columbia entered service in 2237 and serves as flagship of Carrier Strike Group 4 based at UEA Third Fleet Headquarters, Enif Station, Epsilon Pegasi star system. Her hull classification BCVF indicates battle carrier, fusion-powered. The Columbia is named in honor of the United States NASA space shuttle orbiter Columbia OV-102.

The Washington-class combines the roles of carrier and battleship and was developed as a response to the limitations in direct engagment firepower observed in the Challenger-class carrier. The Washington-class is able to engage enemy forces directly with superior firepower, eliminating the need for escorts to maintain close proximity defense of the vessel in most combat situations. This ability effectively allows escorts to deploy further away from the vessel, greatly increasing the strike group's effective area of operations within a star system.

UEA Columbia (BCVF-22) Profile

Columbia Strike Group
LegoSamBo PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by LegoSamBo (member) 5 years ago
Name: Police Enhanced Assault Shooter.
Length: 108 Studs.
Weight: heavy, but swooshable.
Number of SHIPs built: 2 (the other one was Space Police also).

SHIPtember PEA Shooter by LegoSamBo

The Space Police were realising they were losing the battle against the increasing threat of the Blacktron forces. The SP assembled a small team of elite space commandos who's job was to quickly board and take control of Blacktron ships and small installations. In order to accomplish this, a specialised ship needed to be constructed. This is that ship.

Code named PEA Shooter due to it's highly focused weaponry which is designed to punch a small hole in the heavily armoured hulls of enemy ships and smaller space stations. Its prime function is to warp in at extreme speeds, blow a hole in the hull of a ship, with the commandos then flying in with their jetpacks and quickly over-powering the bridge of the enemy ship. The weaponry is set to forward firing only, meaning it requires escorts if it encounters multiple enemy craft.

Powered by two massive warp drives, this ship is capable of reaching speeds of over 8x the speed of light. For non-warp flight and maneuvering, it also has 4 large combustion rocket boosters. These two engine types enable the PEA Shooter to warp in from outside of sensor range and have the commandos board the target ship before the enemy have time to react.

Here are a few other unedited photos:
SHIPtember - PEA Shooter by LegoSamBo

SHIPtember - PEA Shooter by LegoSamBo

SHIPtember - PEA Shooter by LegoSamBo

The swoosh!
SHIPtember SWOOOOOSH! by LegoSamBo

More pics are in my photostream.
Si-MOCs PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Si-MOCs (admin) 5 years ago
Length: 138 Studs
Number of SHIPs built: This is my 2nd SHIP


Unlike the simple conquests of the BW Nebula and BFVA Sector where a FrogPOD factory could be constructed on site, the BC expanse is not to be trifled with. It has the highest concentration of Spacers with the SHIPtember wars wagging, the Frog Nation needed to change tactics and construct their ultimate invasion carrier: the RS AMYER.

The RS AMYER can carry an entire attack fleet of FrogPODs and with dual launchpads can launch it's entire fleet in under five minutes.

The FrogPODs are the RS AMYER's main offensive weapon but is also equipped with:
12 F-class Gatling Lasers,
6 Tychon Cannons,
2 Orbital Ionic Mass Artillery Cannons

Dis-assembly video

FrogPODs away!

RS AMYER - Bridge / Hanger

Side profile:
RS AMYER - SHIPtember profile
onosendai2600 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by onosendai2600 (admin) 4 years ago
Length: 122 Studs
Number of SHIPs Built: 4

An ancient genetically engineered leviathan gutted and retrofitted for space travel.

The Hell Mouth

Profile Shot:
The Hell Mouth

It has cities carved from bone:
Cities Made of Bones

and of course the obligatory swoosh photo:
The Swosh
neim343 5 years ago
Name: Novum Horizonti
Length: 102 studs
Story: A rare combination of scientific research abilities, coupled with devastating firepower gives the Novum Horizonti an edge in it's primary mission. Launched to explore the deepest aspects of uncharted space with no scheduled return... All crew aboard have signed on for a one way trip with no known outcome...
Number of SHIPs built: 2
SHIPtember... by neim343

SHIPtember... by neim343
Jason Corlett Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Jason Corlett (member) 5 years ago
Name: Sucellus
Length: 125 studs
Story: it's a long story. so, you'll just have to read that when you're looking at the pictures. :)
Number of SHIPs built: 7



Video- www.flickr.com/photos/jason84/9906673615/

I think I might try a swoosh picture or video. She weighs 30 LBS so I'll probably have to pump some iron first.
gtvpo 4 years ago
here's my entry, the RSS Gandalf!
RSS Gandalf by gtvpo
TenorPenny 4 years ago
Yaguchi-class Siege Cruiser

The Yaguchi is a Japanese-made cruiser designed to master the galactic battlefield. At over 400m in length, the ship is armed with several conventional ship-to-ship weapons able to outgun most capital ships. The real sting in it's tail comes from the Starscorn-class Siege Cannon, a dual-barrelled, fixed-fire rail cannon which, when charged and in adequate range can punch through the armour of the most hardy opposition ships and stations. In a synchronous orbit, the cannon can even precision target planetary opposition with devastating effect.

Although deadly and dangerous, the Yaguchi (roughly translated to 'Arrow Mouth') is very expensive to purchase and maintain. It's many weapons require tonnes of ammunition and fuel to operate for an extended period. It also requires outside protection from enemy snubfighters and bombers, armed with only nominal AA weaponry.

Length: 404m
Crew: 200, including marinces.
Role: Siege, ship-to-ship, battleship escort.
2 x Dual STS Cannons
2 x Armour-Piercing Plasma Cannons
2 x 'Longshot' Frag Cannons.
2 x AA-Ion turrets
1 x 'Starscorn' Siege Cannon, fixed.

(My first ever true SHIP)
Si-MOCs PRO 4 years ago
Reminder everyone: Please have a side profile shot "SHIPtember" shot so we can include it into the main poster.

You don't want to be the one SHIP that sticks out like a sore thumb, do you?
Proudlove Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Proudlove (member) 4 years ago

I kind of want to name my SHIP the, "Sore Thumb," now.
soccersnyderi 4 years ago
SHIP name: Knor I
Final SHIP length: 110 studs
Weight: 10 pounds and 12.8 ounces
Short SHIP Bio: The Knor I is a middle class freighter that carries a four man crew. It's two small transport vehicles are docked at the landing pad in front of the bridge. With dual overhead cranes and loading docks the Knor I can load or unload its cargo quickly and efficiently. Numerous solar panels provide power for the large engines.
This is my first SHIP.

Knor I by soccersnyderi

Knor I by soccersnyderi

Knor I by soccersnyderi

Definitely swooshable:
Knor I by soccersnyderi

Knor I by soccersnyderi

Knor I by soccersnyderi

Knor I by soccersnyderi

More detail pictures can be seen here: brickbuilt.tk/Knor-I.php
armoredgear7 4 years ago
Si-MOCs: Currently, missing side views for:

Mark of Falworth
Brother Steven

People, I have no interest in including your SHIPs in the poster if you don't follow the instructions.
F@bz Posted 4 years ago. Edited by F@bz (member) 4 years ago
Well , too bad my ship is in pieces and don't want to rebuild it right now.
So no poster for me
armoredgear7 4 years ago
F@bz: I can sort of fake the image, but its direction really sticks out on the image compared to all the side views.
F@bz Posted 4 years ago. Edited by F@bz (member) 4 years ago
Well I still have the PSD file so I did a very quick and really cheap editing: (if that can help)

Le Milan Noir (sp) by F@bz
Disco86 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Disco86 (member) 4 years ago

Si said it could also be top-angled,you can read that in the 5th line of the 1st post. I can understand that you are upset, but please not about the persons, that are making it right.

My second picture is definitly top-angled with an easy to crop background.

Thanks for the work you put into this !
armoredgear7 4 years ago
Disco86: Not upset, just mildly annoyed.

Simon *did* say that the top angle is fine, and so far you're the only one to request I use that one instead. Actually, of all the ships, Adam Unterreiner's could really benefit from a top view too but I suspect that's a hard photo to take because of the SHIP's size.

Anyway, the reason I'm so insistent now that people get their pics up is that I've been cropping them & inserting them as they get posted. It's a lot of work (about 12 hours so far) and I'd like to have the poster finished by early October.
Lego Admiral Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Lego Admiral (member) 4 years ago
Fire Drake Class Carrier CV-49 “Admiral’s Wrath”
Fire Drake Class Carrier CV-49 “Admiral’s Wrath” by Lego Admiral

Fire Drake Class Carrier CV-49 “Admiral’s Wrath” by Lego Admiral

Fire Drake Class Carrier CV-49 “Admiral’s Wrath” by Lego Admiral

Fire Drake Class Carrier CV-49 “Admiral’s Wrath” by Lego Admiral

Fire Drake Class Carrier CV-49 “Admiral’s Wrath” by Lego Admiral

Fire Drake Class Carrier CV-49 “Admiral’s Wrath” by Lego Admiral

The Terran-Zhikan War is now into its 10th year. As more and more heavy naval units are drawn to the warzone at the Border, the Terran Empire needed replacement units to police the Core Systems, as well as defending against strategic “terror” strikes by the enemy.

The Fire Drake Class was developed as a fast response light carrier, used for system defense and patrol within the Empire Core. Each carrier has a complement of 20 Fire Wasp Starfighters and is heavily armed, to be able to engage enemy Capital Ships on its own.

The Fire Drakes are produced by Shenzhen Space Industries from orbiting shipyards around their Core World Neo-China, the same manufacturer of the Fire Wasp Starfighters.

Twin Missile Turrets: 7 (Multirole)
Twin linked Auto Blaster Turrets: 14 (Point Defense)
Twin linked Heavy Kinetic Cannon Turrets: 2 (Heavy Bombardment/Anti-Capital Ship)

Fly by Video
Fire Drake Class Carrier CV-49 "Admiral's Wrath" by Lego Admiral

or YouTube youtu.be/qNRpqwkzxdg

Model Stats:
Length: 286studs = 2.29m = 7ft 6in
Max Width: 82studs = 65.8cm = 2ft 2in (excluding engine projections)
Height: 38studs = 30.5cm = 1ft (excluding antenna)
Weight: No idea
Number of Lego pieces: No idea

This is my first Space SHIP but I have built a total of 5 SHIPs by now
gtvpo 4 years ago

give me a few minutes...

I'll be back soon with one.
gtvpo Posted 4 years ago. Edited by gtvpo (member) 4 years ago
side shot for SHIPtember by gtvpo

got it.
neim343 4 years ago
My second SHIP for the month...
Name: The Eclipse
Length: 100 studs
Story: An advanced recon ship capable of extremely large and distant jumps. The first of it's kind, not only can it jump within the galaxy, but between galaxies. New territories always awaits The Eclipse and crew. Pioneering space exploration beyond what has ever been achieved before.
Number of SHIPs built: 2
SHIPtember... #2 by neim343

SHIPtember... #2 by neim343

SHIPtember... #2 by neim343
Blackout (Kylie) Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Blackout (Kylie) (member) 4 years ago
-The Horizon-

Poster worthy photo:
The HORIZON (SHIP-Tember) by Blackout (Kylie)

Being nearly the largest vessel in the fleet holding position at a planetary defense station, the Horizon Is a combat ready vessel ready to deploy smaller vessels to defend the UIP's. (United Interstellar Planets) It among many other vessels hold the defenses from all Aliens and Humans looking to destroy them. The Horizon was first put into service in 2186 as the very first of its design and structure. Since that time the Horizon has fended off 7 attacks on the Planets. This is a vessel that will go down fighting!

Width: 53 STUDS
Length: 108 STUDS
Height: 28 STUDS
Total Bricks: 7,914

Additional Photos:

The HORIZON (Ship-Tember2013) by Blackout (Kylie)

The HORIZON (SHIP-Tember) by Blackout (Kylie)

The HORIZON (SHIP-Tember) by Blackout (Kylie)

The HORIZON (SHIP-Tember) by Blackout (Kylie)

The HORIZON (SHIP-Tember) by Blackout (Kylie)

The HORIZON (Ship-Tember2013) by Blackout (Kylie)

Also, I realize that this is completely digital and SHIP-Tember is all about building in real bricks... All I have to say is whether its built in real bricks or not wasn't going to stop me from a challenge I saw. ;) I know it doesn't qualify in the contest. But being one of the few people using LDD for this (If not the only person).. I think that says something right? :D ..This has been one of my most challenging builds! And I love etttttttttttt. Its like 3 feet long :DDDDDD My biggest ship EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any and all feedback is welcome! :)

Btw.. I've built somewhere around 20 ships in my lifetime. Most while I was younger and most I have little to no memory of or pictures of.. /: ....

.Tromas [deleted] 4 years ago
Just chiming in here to say that I am officially done. I will post final pics and a super long backstory before weeks end. But for now, here is the first official SAFS deployment :)

Lego Admiral Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Lego Admiral (member) 4 years ago
Red Bear Class Assault Destroyer DD-32 “Admiral’s Revenge”
Assault Destroyer DD-32 "Admiral's Revenge" by Lego Admiral

Assault Destroyer DD-32 "Admiral's Revenge" by Lego Admiral

SHIP#2 WIP - Assault Destroyer by Lego Admiral

Although aged, the Red Bear Destroyers continue service in the Imperial Terran Space Navy, as escort crafts to the new Fire Drake Class Carriers, in their role in system defense and patrol within the Empire Core.

These Red Bears were designed for brutal close combat, being heavily armoured to take hits, whilst they mete out punishment to the enemy. These destroyers were built by the Siberian Space Corporation on their Core Homeworld of New Russia.

Twin linked Auto Blaster Turrets: 6 (Point Defense)
Twin linked Ion Cannon Turrets: 3 (Anti-Ship)
Capital Class Torpedo Launch Tubes: 2 (Anti-Capital Ship/Planetary Bombardment)

Model Stats:
Length: 130studs
Max Width: 35studs
Weight: No idea
Number of Lego pieces: No idea

This is my 2nd Space SHIP and SHIPtember entry, but I have built a total of 5 SHIPs so far.
armoredgear7 4 years ago
gtvpo: You sir, tentatively win the completely unofficial prize for "hardest ship to mask for the poster".

I managed it though, and you're welcome to the version with the transparent background if you want to add some stars to it later.
ACPin PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ACPin (admin) 4 years ago
Steam Punk Ashigaru
125 studs length
SHIPs: 2

Steam Punk Ashigaru

Built from the Yokosuka naval shipyard in the early part of the the 19th century and successor to the Katsuragi-class corvette, the Ashigaru was a combined wind & steam propelled warship whose bronze-steel hull protected its undersides and was manned by a small platoon of experienced battle-hardened samurai.

The ship was designed for fast rapid deployment, reconnaisance, raid missions and was equipped with ten medium range cannons for main firepower. During bombing raids it used two depth charge ramps near the bow on both sides of the ship that can deliver explosive barrel charges as well as rock battery at the stern that can inflict severe damage to anything that's underneath it. Wing flyers are deployed for short recon around the ship and at random times to watch for enemies that might try a sneak attack.

More detailed pics available here.
CeciΙie PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by CeciΙie (member) 4 years ago
Romeo-1 Faburocket
Length: 100 studs
SHIPs built: 1

Romeo-1 Faburocket by CeciΙie

Romeo-1 Faburocket by CeciΙie

The inhabitants of Fabuland have long wanted to conquer space. Romeo-1 is their first attempt to travel to the stars. The first expedition is led by Astronaught Armstrong Albatross, who has undergone rigourous training to prepare for this mission and is a veteran Fabuland Fighter Squadron pilot.

Swooshing video: www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/10038198516/

(and if you want a clean background for the side shot, this pic could easily be rotated 90 degrees: www.flickr.com/photos/cecilihf/9979667455/)
[flying-lunch-box] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by [flying-lunch-box] (member) 4 years ago
Well I saw some LDD stuff posted so I figured I'd post mine even though it is a little late.

Titan-Class Battleship V.2
Titan-Class Battleship

On patrol


Titan Profile

4826 bricks
102 studs long

-366x missile tubes
-4x particle cannons
-6x rail-guns
-16x heavy turrets
-28x medium turrets

(yes it is structurally sound. design wise at least)
onosendai2600 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by onosendai2600 (admin) 4 years ago
Tyler TJM: regarding your claim of "structural soundness" swoosh pics or it didn't happen
Legohaulic PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Legohaulic (member) 4 years ago
I'm not really one for the WIP shots...but I built a SHIP! So much fun!

Name: AF-80 Cheyenne
Length: 120 studs
SHIPS built: 2

AF-80 Cheyenne - 01

AF-80 Cheyenne - 02

AF-80 Cheyenne - 03

Crap...I just realized that my SHIP is facing the wrong way. Oh well.

For whoever is putting together the schematic, email or FM me and I will send you the .psd with the ship already picked off the background.
krisproductionstudio 4 years ago
Name: Borg Trolling Cube
Ship Dimensions: 100x100
Description: 2x4s Nuff said....
Ships built: 1 including this one
Borg Cube by krisproductionstudio
ktorrek Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ktorrek (member) 4 years ago
Leopard class destroyer
Length: 150 studs
Ships built: 6

The Leopard-class destroyer is the T'borek Heirarchy's smallest and most numerous ship of the line. It is heavily armed and armored and capable of prolonged firefights. While it is not as well armored or shielded as the Jaguard-class battlecruiser, the Leopard is a lot more agile. Armed with a spine-mounted Hellbore cannon capable of extreme long distance engagement and three dual-turreted plasma cannons with excellent firing arcs, these warships punch well above their weight class and are dangerous opponents at any range.

Sporty montage:
Leopard class destroyer by ktorrek

Side view for schematics:
leopard06 by ktorrek

edit> words are hard :P
dr_spock_888 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by dr_spock_888 (member) 4 years ago
SHIP name: Lucky 8

Final SHIP length: 122 studs

Short SHIP Bio: Cruise the galaxy in comfort and luxury in the Lucky Line's Lucky 8 cruise SHIP. Lucky 8 was built in the Lucky Line's China's space SHIP yard. She was designed for good fortune vacation cruises. She has many windows for viewing the galaxy. On board are theaters, casino, all the Dim Sum you can eat, swimming pools in the artifical gravity center section and Mickey Mouse for the kids. Lucky Line Ltd. acquired Disney Corp. in 2052AD.

Number of SHIPs built: 1

Lucky 8 Cruise SHIP

Lucky 8 Profile

Video: youtu.be/tMf4uESqK6A

Almost forgot: The Swoosh shot:

geoffreid68 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by geoffreid68 (member) 4 years ago
Name: Paladin Battle Cruiser

Length: 141 Studs

Build Time: 48 hours over 16 day period

Ship Bio: The “Paladin” Battle Cruiser is Earth’s last hope, after a devastating attack from an alien force that destroyed all of the planets capital cities & main military facilities, leaving millions dead & injured. The “Paladin” was on patrol near the neutral zone when the attack took place & has now been tasked with a mission to strike at the heart of the alien’s homeworld.

Manufacturer: Colonial Fleet Yards
Model: Colonial Class Battle Cruiser
Length: 55m (1:50 Scale)
Width at Engines: 18m (1:50 Scale)
Height of Bridge: 10m (1:50 Scale)
Maximum Speed: Warp 3
Engine: 3x U-22 Stardrive Engines, 2x U-33 Pulsedrive Engines
Power Plant: N-342 Thermal Reactor
Shielding: GT-5 Deflector Shields
Armament: 2x Trax-Systems Mk-IV Twin Turbo Cannons, 4x Trax-Systems Mk-II Quad Pulse Cannons, 8x Trax-Systems Plasma Warheads
Crew: 6
Escape Pod: 2x CFY Three-man escape pod

Number of Ships Built: 0

Paladin Battle Cruiser by geoffreid68

5. Paladin Battle Cruiser (Engines) by geoffreid68

3x U-22 Stardrive Engines, 2x U-33 Pulsedrive Engines
Power Plant: N-342 Thermal Reactor

4. Paladin Battle Cruiser (Missile Bays) by geoffreid68

Missile Bays containing 8x Trax-Systems Plasma Warheads

2. Paladin Battle Cruiser (Stern) by geoffreid68

Paladin rear view

3. Paladin Battle Cruiser (Bridge) by geoffreid68

Paladin Bridge

6. Paladin Battle Cruiser by geoffreid68

Paladin side view
[Julie v] 4 years ago
Name: Bovine Auxiliary Refueling Nexus
Length: 102 studs
Bio: The BARN supplies liquid methane fuel in support of the Bovine Elite Expansionary Fleet

Number of SHIPS built: 2

BARN by [Julie v]
thehaarie 4 years ago
Name: The Ghost

Lenght: 106 studs

Weapons: 2 proton canons, a ram and some sort of cloacking device

SHIPs built: 1

The story: .... the year 2087 29 september captains log: For a few decades we know that there are alien lifeforms in our galaxy ..., today we've encountered( and survived) this ship we call " the ghost", it appears out off nowhere, destroys whats in its way and just disappears like it never excisted, the only silent witnesses are the destroyed ships ( or whats left of them), we know hardly anything of the ship or its owners, except that the two huge proton cannons has a sort of battering ram at the front and it has a cloaking device, the alien life form is extremely violent and not for any form of communication or reason susceptible, I guess we've got lucky, I just hope that our engineer will fix our engines in time before this ship will return and finish what it started.....

The Ghost by thehaarie
Paul B. Hartzog Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Paul B. Hartzog (admin) 4 years ago
OMG The Zog finished a SHIP! (Are you serious?) (Yes, it's true).

So, for what it's worth here is my first SHIP ever:
Name: The Marlin
Class: (Capital Class Exploratory Cruiser)
Length: approx. 110 studs

I know it's been a very long time since I built and posted, but I'm glad to be back. :-)

As requested, I posted a profile pic here: www.flickr.com/photos/paulbhartzog/10190200096/

UPDATE: I posted construction pics in the set:
Ex. www.flickr.com/photos/paulbhartzog/10365787525
Proudlove Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Proudlove (member) 4 years ago
Improved AI technology and automation allowed the Blacktron fleet to use smaller, more efficient ships with greater firepower even than the relatively ancient flagship, the Blacktron II. A crew of less than a dozen, including two fighter pilots, flying in the new Blacktron frigate, could strike fear into the hearts of far larger ships and small merchant fleets. Active shields plus armour plating renders it nearly impenetrable to all but the toughest weapons.

NBT Arrested Development by Proudlove

Neo-Blacktron Arrested Development
150 studs long
5th SHIP built.

 by Proudlove

Neo Blacktron Arrested Development by Proudlove
halfbeak PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by halfbeak (member) 4 years ago
The Shockwave Of The Eschaton

Length: 127 Studs (approx. 440m "IRL").

Number of SHIPS built: This is my first.

Faction: Bloodtron.

Crew: 150 Flight/Engineering crew plus 300 Bloodtron Marines.

Warp Drive: Twin Krasnikov Manifold Generators.

Conventional Drive: 3 "Hellburner" Fusion Torches.

Offensive Weaponry: 1 x "World Eater" Thermal Lance; 2 x "Hadean Mk.4 " Pulse Lasers, 6 x "Night Curse" Cannon; 1 x "Will Killer" Jamming Array; 1 x "Scalpel" Boarding Probe.

Defensive Capability: "Night Cloak" Mk.2 Stealth Cloak and the "Iron Wing" Defensive Shield Generator.

Auxilliary Craft: 1 x "Death Hawk" Dropship and 2 x "Jagged Fang" Starfighters.

Cargo: Space for 2000 human cattle plus cold storage for 6 million litres of blood and miscellaneous organ storage (hearts, kidneys, livers, spleens).

The Shockwave Of The Eschaton by halfbeak

More shots with details etc. coming later.
rt_bricks Posted 4 years ago. Edited by rt_bricks (member) 4 years ago
Name: IHS Rocktopula
Length: 155 studs
Number of SHIPs built (lifetime): 1

The IHS Rocktopula was built in 3853 by the Indi Halton Space Hotel and Cruise Lines to travel at non-relativistic speeds between planets and moons in the Sigma Orionis system. It has a capacity of 1400 passengers and 600 crew. It is a luxury liner, with various entertainment and activity rooms along the central corridor, and front sections. Passengers can dine at one of luxury 10 restaurants, gamble their intergalactic credits at the casino, and partake in zero-G squash, zero-G laser tag and other sporting activities. Passengers are also able to take advantage of the Spa to rejuvenate, as well as slow-sleep beds for reduced aging on longer cruises. Two observation towers adorn the mid-section of the ship for passengers to take in interstellar and planetary sights.

The liner is 1550 metres long, and has a top speed of 2500 kilometres per second. It has 3 main docking ports: one opening into the front reception area where guests arrive, and two along the midsection for loading supplies and crew.

The liner is rated 4 stars by Intergalatic Cruising Monthly.

The Brochure:
IHS Rocktpula by rt_bricks

Pre-masked, required pictures (I have the PNG with transparency if you want it):
On black:
IHS Rocktpula - Masked - Black Background by rt_bricks

On white:
IHS Rocktpula - Masked - White Background by rt_bricks

Notes on the build:
- Incorporates 88 Rock tops (Element ID: 4506778 - Design ID: 42284) as part of the ParLUGment Crazy 88s challenge
- Uses RC train track as the main structural element to gain the length and rigidity (I was surprised how strong it was)
- One-hand swooshable
- I don't usually do spaceships; this is my first SHIP
- 155 studs long, 41 studs wide, 25 studs high

Swoosh Video: youtu.be/kyk3OXvgVNc
Complete set of images: www.flickr.com/photos/rt_bricks/sets/72157636033053224/
ko_lee1 4 years ago
Name: Lobster class assault frigate
Length: 103 studs (in Cruse Configuration)
Number of SHIPs built (lifetime): 1

Cruise Configuration:
CruiseConfig1 by ko_lee1

Combat Configuration:
CombatConfig1 by ko_lee1

Warp Configuration:
WarpConfig1 by ko_lee1

Designed to fit the biggest energy cannon into a narrow frigate body, the energy beam directors ended up looking like a big claw - hence the name. Long range beam guidance is assisted by 2 retractable sensor array.

Additional armaments include 4 retractable anti-fighter gun turrets, and 2 missile+decoy turrets.

Two wrap generators allow long range wrap travel when expended, and can be fully retracted to reduce frontal profile.


LEGO talk:

First time building a ship this big, and it was harder than expected. Ship was build into 3 sections for easier transport. Used many hinges but nothing too tricky. Warp arms used warm gear + bevel gears, similar to the wings in a X-Wing set. I am not a big fan of a bridge tower, but the the burger bridge was too good to throw away.

Opening main gun is inspired by Macross etc. Retractable warp wing inspired by Argonaut from Heroic Age anime.

Swoosh is no problem. And I need a better camera that works with in-door light.

Full set:
†Brickserker [deleted] 4 years ago
Name: Guthlac
Type: Colony ship
Length: 129 studs
Crew: 144 000
Lifetime SHIP number: 1




Backstory takes the ship's name from Anglo-Saxon poetry and combines it with the history of the British "Pilgrims" coming to America. All the Earth is united in error under a sensual pagan church and becoming hostile. A portion of remaining Puritan Separatists construct an experimental ship and set out on a course guided by faith alone, aiming to create a shining example of freedom and prosperity on a more friendly heavenly body.

Rather than bending space or some such technique, the engines overcome the problems of faster-than-light travel in a novel way. They emit gravitational pulses in patterns amounting to a language which simply rewrites a particle's kinetic state. As a weapon, they can deflect incoming projectiles and bat assailants aside with a mere word. This uses comparatively little energy and sounds ridiculously overpowered - almost miraculous - but is greatly limited by the speed of the onboard processors, and maneuvers are limited by the precision of their timing, which is necessary to hold the whole ship together. To save processing power, objects and personnel within the hull use more conventional means of movement. With a course known only to God, and possible pursuit from Earth, the colonists will have to rely on divine providence to make it through.

Build notes: Nearly as solid as a...Rock. The construction is all one piece, basically a two-sided brick sandwich across a double-spine of Technic beams, all held in place by the friction of plus-rods jammed inside the standard tubes on the undersides of all the bricks, and reinforced by plates on every exposed surface. Used up all my 4-stud rods and more than half of my 2-studs. As you can see in the video, its integrity is unquestionable. No play features, other than flying it around carelessly and smacking other objects with it!

A few detail shots can be found in my recent photostream.
Arkimedes 4 years ago
SHIP name: THE Lincoln
Final SHIP length: 114+ Studs
Number of SHIPs built: 1

THE Lincoln (final, side) by Arkimedes


THE Lincoln (final) by Arkimedes

THE Lincoln carries in it the Lincoln Memorial from planet Earth. A partial replica of the Reflecting Pool is also maintained. Along with this national monument is a large supply of gold and related treasures. (It's currently unknown as to why gold is kept along-side the Lincoln Memorial.)

THE Lincoln (mid-section interior) by Arkimedes

To protect these treasure, THE Lincoln is armed with 6 large scale gatling guns, 6 laser batteries, and an unknown weapons platform known to have 2 mobile weapons systems on both port and starboard sides. Each of the 4 mobile weapons systems can cover an arc of at least 100 degrees.

Mysterious Weapons Platform by Arkimedes

In addition to the external weapons, THE Lincoln has launch bays for 6 Unnecessarily Large, Anthropomorphized, Robotic Defense Units, or ULA-RDUs for short. Though these units are not short, having a height that exceeds that of the Lincoln Memorial they protect.

Unnecessarily Large, Anthropomorphized, Robotic Defense Units... Check by Arkimedes

(Based on the size of the Lincoln Memorial, 1 Stud would be approximately 20 feet, bringing the ship to a length of about 2300 feet. The final SHIP length of 114+ Studs does not include the science fiction-colored thruster exhaust from any of the main thruster units, nor the forward antenna array. They would add an additional 13 Studs or 260 feet - just under 1/2 mile.)

Sparky1701 PRO 4 years ago

IMG_00000191 by Sparky1701


Deep Explorer Space Transport

Coming in at roughly 250 studs--it's taller than me and almost touches the ceiling when standing up.

Is it swooshable? Well, you can pick it up with 2 hands and move it around. It needs some reinforcing as I found out when I put it on the table.

I had 3 criteria going into Shiptember--

1--had to carry CS ships
2--had to use parts from that era
3--no bricklink orders (or other purchases)--only using parts from my existing collection

1 was taken care of
2 was mostly ignored
3 was tough but I did it

This past month my son was in school for the first time and started coming home with germs and such, so this past week we've been having fun with that. Now the bugs have taken up residence in me so I'm not putting any more time into this for the competition. I may improve/add details later for shows and such, but this is it for now.

Hope you like it

Dave K
danny316p 4 years ago
I, unfortunately, have no clue what I am doing with photo editing software. Here's my properly-pointed pic for my first (of two) complete entries:

Swoosh shot (full description's at the link, but there are more photos in the set as well):

SHIP name: The Arrow
Final SHIP length: 105 studs
Short SHIP Bio (all good SHIPs need a good story):
I Shot an Arrow into the Air
...it landed, I know not where...

This was a completely unintentional design, but once I saw it coming together, I had to run with it, with apologies to Rod Serling (who envisioned a smaller, more spacey-looking ship), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (who was actually talking about an arrow), and Simon Liu (who is welcome to mock and disqualify this for decidedly being un-SHIP-ish in spite of technically meeting the criteria).

Number of SHIPs you have built in your life: Built? I think you mean completed. 1 (this is my first)
Build time: < 1 hour - I'm claiming the record for the fastest-built SHIP.
.Tromas [deleted] Posted 4 years ago. Edited by .Tromas (member) 4 years ago
SAFS P-Boat Banana Hammock 'Tintin'

Name: SAFS P-Boat Banana Hammock 'Tintin'
Length: 105 Studs
SHIPs built: uno

With the creation of One of Pluto, the Moon was no longer entirely safe for either SDR or IMA forces. Helium-3 mining outposts were all but abandoned, and only the the most foolhardy pirates would raid the outposts looking for fuel and supplies. As a result there was a sudden need for Helium-3 and Deuterium resources for both sides of the war. The SDR had small prospecting outposts set up on Titan and a few exploratory mining operations on Saturn. Steps were taken to upgrade these bases to full production capacity immediately.

The Mercenary Army, however, was not quite as prepared and as a result had to rely on raiding SDR supply lines. FOB Chasma was already well established on the Martian surface, and supply posts were dotted throughout the asteroid belt. Now all they needed was a means to intercept and steal the SDR fuel shipments. Once again Merc engineers were tasked with developing a mission specific spacecraft in record time. Instead of designing an entirely new spacecraft, they simply took components from a number of already successful designs and combined them into a near perfect hit & run attack vessel. The engine module was taken from a fast & fuel efficient freighter craft and connected to a research vessel command module by way of the hammock. Universal docking couplings along the hammock allowed cargo and SAFS pod modules to be easily connected. A Jeffries tube runs along the hammock giving the crew access to all parts of the ship. As a result of the command module being taken from an advanced research vessel, it already had highly sensitive sensor assemblies integrated, just now instead of studying the cosmos they were being used to hunt Strahl ships. Avionics, jamming, armour and weapon systems were all upgraded to military specification. A crew of four could now go on extended missions into SDR territories for up to a month at a time.

Within the Strahl held Jovian and Saturnian systems, Deuterium and Helium-3 production was at full capacity. A.I. tankers would transport the refined fuels to where they were needed. However, because the tankers would travel over such great distances they were often unescorted as there was no fighter craft within the Strahl arsenal that had that sort of range. Instead they simply relied on the A.I.s outsmarting any would be attacker...which was typically successful. Up until this point there was no way the Mercs could overtake an A.I. ship as they had no means of shutting down the mind. And after One of Pluto the Mercs were a little hesitant to rely on viruses. That is, however, until Cpl. Beth Poleski in the Electronic Warfare division designed a virus that could shutdown a freighter's A.I., wipe it's memory and upon reboot would make it think that it was a Merc vessel all along. The only problem was the virus had to be implanted at the source.

That is is where the Banana Hammock comes in. The team would patrol within the Asteroid belt and jam the sensors of any nearby SDR vessel. This would allow them to get close enough to deploy the SAFS strike team who would board the freighter, implant the virus and then reroute the ship to a Merc supply base on Ceres.

So long story short this is the LRDG...in SPACE!

Main Features
-Direct Fusion Drive Rocket Motors (x3)
-Hall Maneuvering Thrusters (x32)
-Deuterium Tanks - external (x2)
-Helium-3 Tank - internal (x1)
-Excimer Mk.VI Point Defence Turret
-Active Protection Pods (Fore & Aft) (x2)
-Aft Long Range Radar Mast (x1)
-Long Range Communications Relay (x1)
-Main Docking Collar (bow) (x1)
-SAFS Pods (Bananas) (x3)
*Seapig (x1) Prowler (x1) Fireball (x1)
-Standard Cargo Container Module
*Complete with all necessary provisions plus an extra keg of beer.
-Maintenance & Support Robotic Arm

More pics will follow during Ma.Ktoberfest once I figure out how to properly take pictures of a SHIP...for now the 'poster' shot will have to do :)
Veynom PRO 4 years ago
Here is my ultimate version of the CR90 Corvette Tantive IV.
It had been a while that I wanted to modify the old 10019 Tantive IV in order to improve it seriously. When the 10198 set was released, I jumped on it but was also disappointed by several aspect of the model. So let’s review the pros and cons of each set.

10019 Rebel Blockade Runner (2001 - 1747 pieces):
- Its size, it is massive;
- Its shape, it is recognizable and elegant

- No playability, no space for minifig;
- Worst stickers ever (mine peeled);
- Some details and construction technics are obsolete today.

And about the 10198 Tantive IV (2009 - 1408 pieces):
- No sticker;
- Somewhat detailed interior;
- Nice engine pods;

- No landing gear or support;
- It is small!!!
- The cockpit top metabricks are ugly, particularly the white color does not match with the rest;
- Accessing some of the play features was complex (un-mount then open);

So in the end, what I wanted to build was:
- A large massive CR90 of over 100 studs;
- It should have a detailed interior, easy to access without un-mounting 300 parts.
- No sticker;
- A landing gear that is integrated and that can support the weight of the beast.
And here is the result, mostly rebuilt from scratch.

Name: CR90 Corvette Tantive IV
Length: 102 Studs
Weight: 4.4 kg
Swooshability: yes
Number of SHIPs built: 1
Number of pices: 2500 (estimated)

As the days of the Old Republic waned, the CR-90 Corvette came to be the flagship vessel for those looking for a small, multi-purpose capital ship. Also known as a Corellian Corvette or a Blockade Runner, the ship's modular design allows easy re-configurations to suit almost any use, from government and private organizations to pirates and smugglers. It can easily be refit to the roles of a troop carrier, a light escort vessel, cargo hauler, or a passenger liner, and its modular system became so popular that it has been continued in later product designs.

Often tasked with fending starfighters off of the larger capital ships in a fleet, CR-90s can also be found as front line warships in some smaller navies. Its speed makes it popular among rebels, pirates, and smugglers, lending it the nickname "blockade runner". Though sporting a respectable armament, it is slower through hyperspace than most other ships of comparable size.

Its array of weapons allows the CR-90 to stand against many foes, from starfighters to other small capital ships. Its heavy lasers provide excellent protection against starfighter attacks, and its turbolaser batteries help to ward off larger enemies. The only disadvantage in the CR-90's weapons systems is the presence of, in standard configuration, a large blind spot in the ship's firing arc to the rear, as it cannot fire at targets directly behind its large engine block.

CR90 Corvette Tantive IV by Veynom

CR90 Corvette Tantive IV by Veynom
dover ☄ Posted 4 years ago. Edited by dover ☄ (member) 4 years ago
Lost In Space Bubble Fighter

Full photo set pending, but here's a 101 stud high place holder.

and it swooshes, carefully, but nicely

This is how we swoosh it
W. Navarre 4 years ago
The T.S. Torpedo:

Torpedo SHIP!


Torpedo SHIP!

Swooshing is dangerous!

Torpedo SHIP!

Hopefully this is a good angle:

Torpedo SHIP!

Sent to find and destroy any life other then from the planet Torpedoy the T. S. Torpedo is fully prepared for the task! (Sorry I didn't have time for a longer story).

Lots more photos: here

Details included in the first photo.
armoredgear7 4 years ago
W. Navarre: I'm flipping it, and may apply a gentle perspective effect to straighten it, but it will do. I won't be masking this one for a bit, so if you want to reshoot it going the right way (to show off the other side), you'll have time to do that.
-=Steebles=- Posted 4 years ago. Edited by -=Steebles=- (member) 4 years ago
And on the 30th day, he rested.

SHIP Name: U.K.N. "Hailstorm" Battlecruiser
# of SHIPs built: 1
Final SHIP length: 105 studs

U.K.N. "Hailstorm" Battlecruiser by -=Steebles=-

Engineered as a direct response to the growing threat of Blacktron forces in their sector, the United Krysto Navy launched its first Hailstorm class battlecruiser on March 28, 2002.


1 Admiral
15 Officers
35 NCO's
145 Enlisted Personnel


7x Anti-Frigate Twin Gauss Cannons
1x Mounted Ice Lance Orbital Bombardment System
1x Twin "Thunderclap" Ship to Ship Railgun
3x Anti-Armor Particle Beams
42x "Hail Mary" Tactical Warheads

The Hailstorm is also outfitted with a front hangar bay, boasting the capability to launch up to five smaller fighters for fleet defense and interdiction.

Poster Shot:

SHIPtember Poster Shot by -=Steebles=-


Thanks so much to you all during SHIPtember for the great feedback and critiques. How lucky we all are to be part of such a wonderful collaborative community.

Unfortunately I ran out of time this month as real life intervened in a huge way, and was not able to complete my LED lighting. I will revisit this build in the coming months, and post new pictures once I have time.
xiei22 4 years ago
CAN - D.e1
120 stud wide
(it is looking to the right.....)

Shiptember - END (i'm somehow OUT)

This is the only finished view, due to real life metter....
and i don't know if i'll finish it....
but, as i already said, GGGGGREEEEEAAAAAAATTTTT CONTEST!!! Next year again please!!!!!
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The Time SHIP - The H.I.S. Tory:
The Time SHIP - The H.I.S. Tory by gid617

The Time SHIP - The H.I.S. Tory by gid617

Lots more shots on my photo stream. Just because of the way we built it I didn't take shot with the head to the right. The only way to do so would be to turn it upside down... can it be edited to fit? (And if so, do I need to upload a shot of the SHIP lengthwise?) Thanks!

Edit: A "swoosh" shot... well, more like a "hope it doesn't split in half now..." shot...
armoredgear7 4 years ago
gid617: I'll take a lengthwise side view, and I can flip it to point right if that's OK with you.
Quarryman_ PRO 4 years ago
Kalmar Union spaceship Ormen Lange

.. and next year I won't attempt to build two SHIPs at the same time, that was stupid of me.
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Name: "Besther" Imp XIV
Length: 131.3 studs.

"Besther" Imp XIV by Pepa Quin

The Imp class of light cargo freighters was produced by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. The base freighter design, like many CEC ships, was modular and came with many options. The 'Besther' model, named for the project lead, featured individualized cargo pods which could be customized to accommodate specific needs.

The Besther Imp XIV was made in the first production run and has faired decently in its 34 years of service. Many non-essential systems no longer function well or at all, and it's space-worthiness is in doubt, but it works well as a planetside-only cargo transport.

Name: "Besther" Imp XIV
Manufacturer: Corellian Engineering Corporation
Model #: IMP-1492013299
Length: 40 meters
Width: 12 meters
Height: 7 meters
Hyperdrive rating: Class 0.8*
Crew: 3 (Pilot, co-pilot, astromech droid*)
Cargo capacity: Variable, up to 750 metric tons
Escape pods: 2
Defense systems: Light shields*
Armament: Ballistic escape pods.
Sensors: Standard cargo class*

*System damaged or inoperable

This ship is based on the Cargo Transport seen in the demo for Star Wars 1313. If you haven't seen that, watch it now and then weep for it's cancellation. This took me two weeks to build.
Sparky1701 PRO 4 years ago
ll_destiny by Sparky1701

A better picture...

This was a fun month.

Thanks to the organizers for this
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NAME: The N-11
FINAL LENGTH: 102 studs

The N-11 (SHIPtember entry) by N-11 Ordo

The N-11 (SHIPtember entry) side view by N-11 Ordo

„The N-11 is one of the Republic’s most advanced space ships. With it's experimental hyperdrive it is able to reach an extraordinary speed for a battle cruiser. It is armed with torpedo launchers for ship to ship battles, a boarding tube, escape pods and also features a large hangar for starfighters and troop transporters. It’s landing gear also makes it able to land on planets, just like the Venator star destroyer !“


The N-11 playfunctions by N-11 Ordo

McCluckles PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by McCluckles (member) 4 years ago
Mars Mission SHIP by McCluckles

Mars Mission SHIP by McCluckles

I shall edit and take more photos later. Right now I don't have time to spare. I start university tomorrow.
I understand these where the bare minimum photos I could have taken so I had to take them I really didn't want to miss the deadline, hence the hastily rushed... everything. I can't apologise enough.

I also wanted to say a very very big thankyou to everybody. I've always wanted to build a SHIP. Its been a boy hood dream if you will!
So Boy hood dream = ACHIEVED :D
I just hope theses awful photographs do it some justice... probably not.
mickbatto29 Posted 4 years ago. Edited by mickbatto29 (member) 4 years ago

mon vaisseau, le "Joshtom" est un département de "Space Police", immense QG, où un tenon équivaut à 5m...

il mesure 108 tenons de log, et c'est mon premier vaisseau...




voili voilou, j'espère que ça vous plaira !!!!
Ian Spacek Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Ian Spacek (member) 4 years ago
Paul, Max, and I's collaborative SHIP is finally complete!

M.I.P Pistrix by Paul Vermeesch

More photos (profiles) will be added in due time.

M.I.P Pistrix Profiles by Paul Vermeesch

See Paul's comment (somewhere below) for all the details!
gid617 4 years ago

Go ahead and flip or whatever is needed. Does that mean you want me to upload the top of the picture there separately? I don't think I have a different angle.
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P H O E N I X by 4estFeller

SHIP name: P H O E N I X

Final SHIP length: Exactly 100 studs.

Number of SHIPs: This is my second.

Bricklink orders: Zero. :D

Poster shot:
P H O E N I X (poster view) by 4estFeller

And of course the SWOOSH!
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Rainbow-SHIP-Final-Main by Xccj

SHIP name: Rainbow Exploration SpaceShip

Final SHIP length: 127 (or 153 if you count nose and flames)

Short SHIP Bio :

These explorers are on a quest to travel the galaxy and discover habitable planets. Their brightly colored ship stands out against the darkness of space, and they have no worries about being spotted by Space Pirates! (If they did, maybe they would've chosen a different color scheme)

Number of SHIPs you have built in your life: 2 full SHIPs, 3 almost-SHIPs

Poster Shot: (Feel free to remove the stand)
Rainbow-SHIP-Final-Side by Xccj

Man, I had this done weeks ago, but it took me a while to photograph it, and even after a couple tries, I'm still not entirely pleased. Oh well, it looks cool in person!
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Name: Basilica Class Frigate
Length: 137 studs (110 cm)
Story: During the 400th Century, the Inquisition of the Imperium needed a millitary type vessel, but which also could be used as a Temple of the Emperor. Thus the Basilica Class Frigate were born. Based on the designs of the Firestorm Frigate, the Basilica Class had an enormous space inside dedicated to the Cult of the God-Emperor. This ship was a bit larger than the Firestorm, measuring 2,3 km long, 490 m wide and 1,1 km high.
Number of SHIPs built: 1

Basilica Class Frigate by | Nouvilas ⟩

Basilica Class Frigate by | Nouvilas ⟩

Basilica Class Frigate by | Nouvilas ⟩

And the side picture for the poster:

Basilica Class Frigate by | Nouvilas ⟩
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Well, I don't really want to take another pic (I had to walk a ways for the Background) but maybe I have one.

Well I like the other one better but if you want here is something:

Torpedo SHIP! by W. Navarre
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SHIPTEMBER by legodrome

Name :Long range patrol ship 09
Length : 160 studs
Ships built : 2
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