Rippie: Contra Censura! PRO 12:21am, 1 November 2009
could you afford to buy gasoline for $6-9 per gallon like the rest of the world does outside of usa?

could you justify an unhealthy diet heavy on meats if the sold for what they really cost to produce here in usa (3-5 times market price, at minimum) and can you justify feeding one person (through the raising of meats) on the grains and other vegetations fed to them that would feed ten people without the animal in between?

could you afford to pay the true cost of damage to the water supply by agribusiness growing feed for livestock, even though the efficiency rate of food to human is 1/10th and the pollution to fresh water is manifold higher?

why do livestock farmers feel they must be "protected" from the changes of the marketplace, while many other industries are at the mercy of the market? meat is not necessary to the diet.

can you afford to bail out more banks as they bail out commercial agribusiness in their inefficient and marketing driven business models, which also increase the cost of health care in the usa?

can you accept product dumping by any nation to any other nation? what ever happened to american ingenuity and competitiveness? why are we being killed by the chinese who purchase dumped lumber from canada and then take advantage of the canadian sourcing of lumber to sell us dirt cheap and crappy furniture at prices we cannot even make them for, nevermind sell them for?

why is it that rice grown in the southeast usa costs twice what rice grown in china costs, including shipping?

why is it that even the vietna
riflemanNC 7 years ago
No we can't afford it. And I will tell you what happened to American ingenuity and competitiveness. Its out the door.
Its all about the money my friend. Everything is going overseas. A cheaper work force.
The Government and wallstreet don't care about you and me. And they don't care about the poor soles overseas working for bread crumbs aether. Send the jobs over there. Have them to make it. Bring it back and sell it to us for three or four times as much as it coast to make. Most of the time a lot more.
The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer.

All this is a work in progress. And has been for many years. We have not seen anything yet.
There comes a payday. And guess what. It's payday. And we are all paying. And there isn't a damn thing we can do about it. We all. The American people. Done it to ourselfs. We helped them do it to us and now we stand back and bitch with our hands in the air saying what the hell! And yet. We are so stupid. We think the Government and Wallstreet is going to make it better?
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