TFI and Filters

mishko2007 PRO 5:41am, 24 April 2014
This insect has been overprocessed in ViewNX2 in an attempt to show the TFI in the wings.


This TFI was much more beautiful to my eye, with varying purple, mauve, blue, cyan and green tones which remained as long as the sun was shining. Somehow my lens (I) did not capture these colors adequately.

So I'm asking: should I have used a filter here to help catch the TFI?
If so, which one? Or is there some other trick I should learn?
DrPhotoMoto PRO 3 years ago
I dont use filters to catch TFI. I generally rely on changing angle till the color is maximized. It is similar to looking into a prism at the right angle but the mechanism of color production is different. I often times use photoshop to amplfy color effects.

This is a great shot and I love the TFI colors (blues and reds) seen in the clear ares of the wing.

Thanks for your question. I suspect that filters would not help but I am not knowledgable enough to state that with absolute certainty. My training is Physics (MS), Chemistry (MS, PhD) and Medicine (MD). Any optics experts out there? If so please comment.
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