barliquin 4:25am, 24 January 2012
Some of us are lilkely not so informed about light effects as Dr. Photomoto and a few others, so I am wondering if maybe we could have a query thread (just for group members) where we could post photos that we doubt are TFI but we would like to know what the effect is - when anyone has time or knowledge to reply, but with no expectation that anyone has to respond. For instance, I have several shots such as this "angel" where low evening sun comes thru a small opening. Is this prism? Such a thread might also provide a base to judge interest in a separate light effect group and could simply be closed if it gets too unwieldy, Thanks, B

DrPhotoMoto PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by DrPhotoMoto (admin) 6 years ago
Hi Barbara. I think that is a wonderful idea. I would love to have some experts in color and optics who could teach us all more about color and how it can be produced. Posting photos like your pretty angel with discussion about them is a great idea.

I could only guess that refraction of light is taking place in the above photo. The pattern follows that of the frequency spectrum (ROY G BIV) with red at the top and blues at the bottom. Love the little colored rays in the arm to the left. This is a glorious shot and deserves attention and study!

I found an article that might partially explain the color in your angel. It is about the glory phenomenon. You might enjoy reading the article and looking at all the interesting examples. Still while similar it is not the same as the beatiful shot Barbara has submitted. If you go to this link you have to read down and select the link towards the bottom of the list having to do with light.
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