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DrPhotoMoto ADMIN July 17, 2013
Flickrs most colorful group! This is a group to post photographs that demonstrate the wave phenomenon called Thin Film Interference (TFI.) If you see color that glimmers, blinks in and out, seems iridescent or glows, that color may be due to TFI.

Nice to see membership growing. We are a small group of people interested in how color results from wave interference.

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Thin Film Interference GIVES COLOR and MAKES IT GLOW!!

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<b>This photograph is a great example of Thin Film Interference - TFI

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Thanks for posting in Thin Film Interference - TFI Group</b>


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<b>This photograph is a great example of Thin Film Interference - TFI
Please consider posting your shot in TFI

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Thin Film Interference - TFI Group</b>

Here is a beautiful example of thin film interference at work. When you get an image like this think tfi. The color showing through on the one wing is because the light is at just the right angle to produce the iridescent blue. Thanks to Joseph Herman for submitting this illustrative photo.
Myscelia cyaniris

Examples of Thin Film Interference are all around us. Here is a great take on a bubble by Richard Heeks. Seen in Explore! Note how the color progresses with the same pattern as a rainbow (ie ROY G BIV - red orange yellow green blue indigo violet.)
Bubble Colours

Here is a beautiful shot that illustrates how feathers can generate color through the science of TFI. Thank you Pedro Lastra for this lovely shot of Costa's Hummingbird.
If I am not mistaken the bright patch of color on the neck is very angle dependent.
Costa's Hummingbird, Wings of the Tropics, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.

One of our members has suggested that open discussion to help explain how color is produced as in shots like this one.

"angel" in the cemetery at sunset

Please feel free to contribute your ideas and photographs in this thread. See the Discussion thread by Barliquin called Would a query thread be possible. Perhaps we have the makings for a new group.

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Post up to 2 photographs per day.

Comment on at least two photographs per post. Use the group comment code.

As a family group please exercise common courtesy and no nudity.

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