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Hello everyone! Please notice changes on our rules. We made it simpler, post one, comment on one.
That's it! :)
But do make sure you leave your comment when you post. Comment on the photo to your immediate right ( The photo posted before yours) Feel free to comment on more photos if you'd like to, but you MUST comment on the photo to the right of yours. If you do not leave a comment, I'm afraid we will have to delete your photo. Please SCROLL DOWN to see diagram
Thanks !


  • Glitched Camera Images into Textile Art

    Glitch Textiles on Kickstarter Hi, I'm Phil Stearns, a Brooklyn based artist ...

    Phillip Stearns85 months ago0 replies

  • Changes in rules

    There has been some confusion and some people who were not happy with the postin...

    Heather K. Powers::HKpowerStudioages ago0 replies

  • No one comments~anymore!

    Has this group become a dumping ground? I have posted many photos over the last...

    Heather K. Powers::HKpowerStudioages ago6 replies

  • HELP -Ideas needed!

    I'm new and am nedding some ideas for a Textiles piece for school. It is suppose...

    Sparrowtalesages ago2 replies

  • A big world!

    Lets make it smaller! Where are you from? I am from Wrexham in North Wales, UK.

    little_stitcherages ago14 replies

  • Great Movies for Viewing Textiles

    Today I saw a great movie by - supposedly - the best filmaker in China. The titl...

    heavenly quarterages ago7 replies

  • Didn't we do well?

    Goodness! as my Scottish gran would have said! We have grown so much since I rem...

    little_stitcherages ago2 replies

  • Have you been invited? Did you know...

    For everyone who has had an invite and also others. Please feel free to add any ...

    little_stitcherages ago36 replies

  • Important, please read

    Hi everybody, im sorry i havent been posting recently but i have been going thro...

    ~ Ana Gabrielaages ago0 replies

  • Welcome all the new members

    I just wanted to thank all the new members for joining,and all the old fellow me...

    ~ Ana Gabrielaages ago41 replies

  • About the comments - please read

    Hey everybody! If you have read the THREAD about the posting and commenting, so...

    ~ Ana Gabrielaages ago10 replies

  • Not getting comments

    Hi, I posted one of my shots after that of gumbootspearlz and already a number ...

    zorion1ages ago10 replies

  • has anyone else gotten this email?

    .... Please remove the URLs that link to your store/auction(s) from underneath...

    ~ Ana Gabrielaages ago22 replies

  • Good Vibes

    Just felt like saying, 'Have a great and fantastically fun relaxing weekend!!!!!...

    little_stitcherages ago4 replies

  • got ideas for the new logo? let us know!

    Hello everybody! we are trying to create the new logo for our group. And i would...

    ~ Ana Gabrielaages ago7 replies

  • Taking a little liberty !!

    Hi, I just joined as per the invite of The Little Stitcher, and i sure am very ...

    rufaro craftyages ago13 replies

  • check out our new LOGO!!!

    textilesfromaroundthe world

    ~ Ana Gabrielaages ago7 replies

  • Post and comment

    I have noticed that this rule is not adhered to by everyone, it would be nice if...

    sewsusanages ago2 replies

  • For the Administrators.

    For the Administrators. They edit the general page of the group and add these ...

    Anderson Sutherlandages ago1 replies

  • new code- fav textile of the day

    hi everybody! here is the code for the new image of the fav textile fo the day....

    ~ Ana Gabrielaages ago0 replies

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