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scottwallick 2:58pm, 7 March 2006
I think that too often Nepal is characterized as being a country of mountains. It's true, that's a huge part of the country, but in hopes of perhaps showing the other 50% of the country to those interested, I thought starting a group on Nepal's Terai was necessary.

It's a vibrant, diverse region that shares cultures with India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tibet, as well as China. From the Nepali Muslim heartland of Nepalgunj, to the Bhutanese refugee camps in Jhapa, Nepal's Terai offers an extraodinary spectrum of life on the subcontinent.
yadavop 11 years ago
Thank you for starting this group. My parents and ancestors lived in the Terai for more than 200 years. I am from Nepal and although I work in Kathmandu and have been living here for the past 22 years I spent the precious 15 years of my childhood and adolescence in the Terai.

Although i don't have very many pictures from the Terai I will be shooting more during my future trips.
scottwallick 11 years ago
Where in the Terai is your family from, yadavop? I spent quite a lot of time in Birganj, Rajbiraj, and Jhapa over a period of a little more than three years. Fascinating, vibrant place. Love it.
yadavop 11 years ago
@scottwallick: My ancestoral home is about 30 Km west of Rajbiraj along the Rajbiraj-Siraha road (also known as the postal highway). The name of the village is 'Sanaitha'.
Here is a picture from the village. Although this picture is actually of my grandpa's funeral procession you can still see what my village is like.
stevenskara 11 years ago
Hey yadavop,

I think I've been through your village. I'm a friend of Scott's and I lived in Rajbiraj. One time I road my bike from Rajbiraj to Siraha along the road you describe. It was really beautiful. At the time, I was going to visit a friend in a village that sounded like "bisee... something". I can't quite remember. Maybe you know it? Your picture really captures the Terai.
yadavop 11 years ago
hello stevenskara,

I am afraid I don't know the village you mention. The last time I went to the village (besides when my grandpa passed away) was in 1986 and I was still a kid at that time. The only villages on that road that I know of are 'Hakpara' and 'Aurhee'
ShankarU 11 years ago
Hi, I am aslo from the terai, I have been brought up in Birgunj, so I will be posting some of my picture I took there..
hey ! lets keep this group active....
ashishkoirala PRO 7 years ago
Hello , I,m also from Terai, Biratnagar, absolutely agree with ShankarU that this group featuring the lesser known Nepal should be active.
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