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Beau Vincent 7:33pm, 28 July 2007
Hey everyone,

I developed a technique that makes your images look like old film.


(Click image to enlarge)

(Click image to enlarge)

I've created a Photoshop CS-CS3 action for you to download.
[Download Here]

If you use it, please post your before and after examples to this post.



I've created a PDF document that has step-by-step instructions on how to create this effect using PAINT . NET

Download PDF

Update: 8-12-2014
The link to the action and the pdf are now back up. I have verified this action still works with Photoshop CS6 just fine. Just drag the action into the photoshop window and it should install in your actions panel just fine.
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cut country [deleted] 12 years ago
I just tried it out on a couple of my recent photographs and I am loving the results. Fantastic work, thanks for sharing!
Beau Vincent 12 years ago
Lekke: Lets see some examples... :)
Arkku Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Arkku (member) 12 years ago
For those of us without photoshop, please detail the steps involved so we can duplicate them on other software.

As a comment on the example, the procedure seems to lose quite a bit of hilight details.
Beau Vincent 12 years ago
Arkku: I'll post the steps soon, it's quite involved to explain.
I'll create a step by step procedure and append it to the main post.

The example isn't the greatest, I'll try to get another image with people in it. Hoping people will post examples.
cut country [deleted] 12 years ago
Thru the Vibe

Vintage Film effect:
Thru The Vibe - vintage film version
Beau Vincent 12 years ago
Updated main post with Step-by-Step instructions on how to re-create this effect in the free program PAINT.NET. Download the PDF
~libran.earth.sheep~ 12 years ago
rich ass original

rich ass
fabiola? 12 years ago
what exactly do you do?

change the hues and saturation and sharpness?

i have a picture editor i'd like to stick to since my computer cant handle much else.

Arkku 12 years ago
I experimented a bit with simplifying the steps, and had some pretty good results with blending a sepia-colorized (colorize to about hue 40, saturation 40) version of the image over the original in overlay mode. Adjusting lightness and/or levels on either the overlay or the background makes for the faded effect, but I couldn't get a single value working for all examples posted here, though I could get very close to the end result of each by tweaking the values individually.
Beau Vincent 12 years ago

Paint.NET should work on your machine. Your machine can't be any slower than mine. (450Mhz, 512Mb RAM, WinXP)

Essentially you just need to take your image, add saturation and contrast. Then duplicate the layer, make it sepia and set opacity to about 50-75%. On the photoshop action, it actually adds center light gradient, vingetting, and cross processed effect before sepia layer is applied.

All in all it's the Lomo Effect + Cross Processing Effect + Desaturation using a Sepia layer.
charming hall [deleted] 12 years ago
this is a real nice effect, thanks for the pdf!
fabiola? 12 years ago
thank you!

i think i'll think i'll give paint.net a shot; cause maybe its better than my own picture editor: )
Like a Bird Studios 12 years ago
i downloaded it and have a few photos ill try it on later. if i like any results ill post em ^_^
voyagephotoco 12 years ago
Very nice! Thank you I love it!




100_2985 copy
chellyc 12 years ago
nice action!

vintage film action
lopsided apparatus [deleted] 12 years ago

California Wine Festival

(Sorry: I don't have my "before" shot to show you.)
xswimmer_chickax Posted 12 years ago. Edited by xswimmer_chickax (member) 12 years ago
this is a wonderful effect.. i think it would lok better on some of my other photos but it still looks really cool. thanks!


creekbed vintage


Leo Reynolds Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Leo Reynolds (member) 12 years ago
With the addition of a ttv layer


hymn marathon
synonymous crib [deleted] 12 years ago
I downloaded and tried to use this action, but got a, feather not available, . What is this and how do I correct this.
I've just spent ages reading through this group - such talent and willingness to share - feel good group! I'm really interested in this vintage effect however, at present I only have elements 2 (soon upgrading to elements 5 courtesy of Open University course!) - can anyone tell me how to achieve this without curves as this seems to be the major bit I need but don't have!! Many thanks
Miss Cheska 12 years ago

I have an older program. How can I replicate this action on Adobe PS 6?
*nsch 12 years ago
this is AWESOME!! really.. best script I've seen in a very very long time!
Francesca Valerio Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Francesca Valerio (member) 12 years ago
Does this work in CS2?

edited to add: I figured it out... it does. Thanks!
numerosept 12 years ago
great script thanks a lot...
here's my attempt.
before :

murburger01 12 years ago
It is really good, I will try to post one in a min
MrsLili 12 years ago
Nice, very very nice, thank you so much!!!
staceyyyyyyyy 12 years ago
can you use this on an old photoshop application?
Beau Vincent 12 years ago
stacey!: download the PDF and I'm sure you could find a way to emulate the technique.

P.S. Nice examples everyone.
charming hall [deleted] 12 years ago
i couldn't decide whether or not i liked the magenta cast so i did both haha.

back in the day
staceyyyyyyyy 12 years ago
i just ended up downloading the paint net.
but thank you for help!
fabriceh 12 years ago
Nice script !! Thanks a lot !
I did it on this one,
but it will be hard not to apply on all future ones
No fear
I love it! This is so cool. I'm so glad I stumbled onto this group. Thank you FallOut75. .
ludwg 12 years ago
I also too fond of this effect, thanks FallOut75.
Hi! Here 's my example using the script. Sorry, I don't have a before pix.

Kalk Bay

Thanks again. FallOut75...
pinkertons Posted 12 years ago. Edited by pinkertons (member) 12 years ago
Here are a few I tried it on, also added a dust/scratch layer...

unphotographable 11 years ago
I'm having some trouble installing the action. I have adobe elements v.2. I (think I) followed the instructions in the help section, but nothing has happened. Can anyone give me a hand?
charming hall [deleted] 11 years ago
i don't think actions work in elements...but i could be wrong.
kat heyes 11 years ago
this effect looks brilliant, I've got CS but have never used actions before, how to i apply it to an image?
unphotographable 11 years ago
Rats. Well, I guess that answers my question. Thanks Milo. :)
unphotographable 11 years ago
I downloaded Paint.Net and tried it there:
Peepeye Photography 11 years ago
Please see my new post for further discussion on achieving the old film look by using film . . .

ad interim 11 years ago
This is frickin awesome dude. The result by just running the action doesnt work best for me, but since you can go in and modify all opacities etc this really kicks ass anyways. (and works for pretty much all pics)
thanks buddy ..this is awesum
al-noof 11 years ago
hi ..

i loved the action , i used it in lots of photos and it just looked great =D
it never happen with actions.. cuz sometimes it work with this photo and doesn't work on another one..
but yours work with it all =D

anyway :

Villagio 042

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks alot ..
Beau Vincent 11 years ago
I'm glad to see people are making use of this action.
Keep em coming. :)
adorable base [deleted] 11 years ago
I did it too ! and I love the new look . Thanks a lot
Ronaldkoster.com Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Ronaldkoster.com (member) 11 years ago
Great action !! Did some other PP too, .. .. .. .. THANX !!!!

kD . JOb
bunnyechoes 11 years ago
thanks for the action ... =) i'll post some photos when i'll have some time. :-)
Irrawaddy Erik 11 years ago
Thanks so much I really like the action


Pedronskigram 11 years ago

excellent secretary [deleted] 11 years ago
what location did you stick the file in?? i have a mac and cs3
María José Azcona 11 years ago
beautiful effect
i'll try it
thanks :)
Love it. Thanks!


AFTER (with a bit more tweeking of levels, curves):
indian nomad 11 years ago
Hey this is a great effect but can someone tell me how to use the ATN - actions file with Photoshop? I am using CS2. Sorry for such a stupid question. :(
Mr Dave Esmond 11 years ago



Tourista de Mancunia 11 years ago
Yep this really cool will try myself and post later...
Rock and Robin Photography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Rock and Robin Photography (member) 11 years ago
Oh my gosh. This is amazing... amazing amazing...

Chairs at Nicks before

Chairs at Nicks

I threw down a couple ttvs to add more antiquity to the shot.. but I am amazing how wonderful this action is... thank you!
Derrick H 11 years ago
Simply awesome! Love it!
well-made cub [deleted] 11 years ago
Before vintage film effectbefore

I love this effect! thank you.
veruh.neicy 11 years ago
i love this. i've been looking for an action/ tutorial for this kind of effect. i just haddddd to try it on me :DDDD


caranzophotography Posted 11 years ago. Edited by caranzophotography (member) 11 years ago
i dont know if you can conisder this photo a vintage
rt44man 11 years ago
Totally love this action. Found it via Cinnamon's photostream.
The royal vintage treatment
rt44man 11 years ago
old car and film action
rt44man 11 years ago
kissy face old film action
curious cakes [deleted] 11 years ago
mine_late (2 of 1) copy
kristel dom Posted 11 years ago. Edited by kristel dom (member) 11 years ago
tasjes 02
Vintage red cups
_Skotta_ 11 years ago
hi and thanx for the action. Its pretty cool!

PortugePunk 11 years ago
This really rocks! Thank you for sharing!
Beau Vincent 11 years ago
I'm lovin' the examples.
I'm suprised this action has become so popular.
I really don't know how "Vintage" it makes images, or if it looks like "Film" at all, just didn't know what to call it.
sammy baby 11 years ago

IMG_0760.jpgdolls, now with spiffy vintage film effect.
.koni 11 years ago
.koni 11 years ago
.koni 11 years ago



m. wriston 11 years ago
I'd be curious to know if anyone has had any success porting this to the GIMP, or other image editors in that vein. I run OS X, and the Paint.NET results don't net nearly the same results in other progs.

rc.photo 11 years ago
Here's a couple; the first is almost the stock action and the second is heavily modified:

The Further Adventures of Mr. Toad
b3naqua 11 years ago
Alexia Death 11 years ago
I've made Gimp scripts for this and LOMO effect available from alexia.death.pri.ee/archives/48
Beau Vincent 11 years ago
Alexia Death Good Lookin' out! ;)
bunnyechoes 11 years ago
m. wriston 11 years ago
Alexia, you're a godsend!
Alexia Death 11 years ago
:D Glad you like it. I'm just surprised nobody took it up before me ;)

PS: if you know any other good stuff thats scriptable but is without a gimp script, please let me know ;)
illustrious airplane [deleted] 11 years ago
Oh thanks !!!!!!
You did an excellent work
fields of bohemia 11 years ago
I love this effect. Lately I've been consumed with destructing my very pristine (but rather sterile) DSLR images to emulate the effect of an old film camera. Thanks so much for sharing - this action makes it so much easier, and the results are incredible.
*Ann Gordon 11 years ago

VisvimFolklore 11 years ago
seriously the best technique i came across.
*GT 11 years ago
You are the Reflection of Your Ownself
ucogency 11 years ago
awesome action!
@Fallout75: thx a ton for sharing it!!!

Why should boys have all the fun...
Christopher Bautista Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Christopher Bautista (member) 11 years ago
Christopher Bautista 11 years ago





Gris dans ma vie 11 years ago
could someone tell me how to use it?

i've done the download already,but i dont know how to work with it.

notashamed 11 years ago
You need to locate it on your hard drive within Photoshop. Then you go to actions and press play. Then something like this occurs:

Vintage Hancock
rc.photo 11 years ago
action definitely saved this one; black and white just didn't have the same appeal:

Mista Fitz 11 years ago
^^ mmmm... nice example, works perfectly for that image! ^^
KatColorado 11 years ago
I only have the after version - I think it looks really cool!

Intrudēr 11 years ago
I did my own trick with this

Piggyback | സവാരി ഗിരി ഗിരി

Thanks maddie
fedewild 11 years ago
lesbru 11 years ago
Looked more like old film on some other shots, but specially like the effect on this one.

sudoku 2

Many thanks for sharing this.
m. wriston 11 years ago
Just tried the GIMP version that Alexia_Death made. I like.

Notice of Towing (by boyghost)
ja | castillo 11 years ago
lock box

old garage door

FUTAB : 09.28.07
KatColorado 11 years ago
your filter really helped me capture the feeling of nostalgia I get when I see these skates:

at the icerink
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